Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Surprise in the Mail

This came in the mail this weekend!  This totally made my day when I opened it.  Last year I mentally psyched myself out for the marathon.  I felt like I was surrounded by "serious runners" and I run because I LOVE to run.  I have never been one to focus on my pace or mile splits.  I prefer to go out and run 18-20 miles verses run for time!  But just recently I starting focusing on my pace and doing speed work.  I feel I have become a stronger runner and my times have improved during my runs.  I am really pumped up to go to Boston this year and race this marathon.  I am going up with my AMAZING cheer squad and we are going to have a blast for sure!  My best buddy's made t-shirts for all of us to wear and they ROCK!  We are staying at a fabulous hotel right at the finish line and have a ton of fun things planned including Samuel Adams Brewery, Boston Red Socks game and lots of yummy meals!  Even if I don't reach my goal time I am going to have a once in a lifetime experience with amazing people I love!

Today's workout was a fairly easy 8 miles @ a 7:37 pace and felt pretty good.  I am a little sore from TRX Tuesday especially my hamstrings so I didn't push the pace too much today.  I also squeezed in a quick 4 mile shakeout run prior to TRX class.  Now I am off to lacrosse practice!

Anyone else heading to Boston?

How do you mentally get through a tough race?

Happy Running!

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