Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Running and running and running.....

I normally do my LSD runs on the weekend but since I worked every day this past weekend and I am working this coming weekend also I had to fit in my 20 miles today!  So here is what my day looked like... Wake up at 6:30 a.m. and my wonderful hubby says go back to bed until 7:45 because he was taking my oldest son to school for me!  I wake up at 7:45 than drink 2 cups of coffee and grab a bite to eat for me and my little guy...I take my little one to school then start my 20 miles.  It is another beautiful 70* here today and I was able to fit in 16 miles before I had to pick up little man from school.  Oh, I almost forget to tell you....I found a pair of car keys on my run today!!!  Last long run I found $$ and now today I find a car!  I am LOVING my long runs lately. 

 I was able to run home grab a shower ( really for what reason? ) then head out to lacrosse practice.  Today I made the girls run a TIMED mile!  For some reason they all panic when I actually time them.  I did run with them to get in another 1.5 miles...I lapped a few of them which made them push harder.  So at this point my mile total is 17.5 in 2 hours 10 minutes!

We had a great practice and went over a lot of field work and transition passes ( we stink at this currently).

So now it is 5:30 p.m. and I head home to grab my boys and head to swim lessons. I was able to squeeze in 3.10 miles in 22:03 for a grand total of 20.6 miles today!

This is how I refueled after my 3rd run of the day!  Red Robin....I left out the massive basket of bottomless fries!!

How do you refuel?

I did have my beloved chocolate milk and also pb and a banana!

Happy Running!


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