Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Busy Birthday Week!!!

We are in full on celebration mode in our household!!!  Today is this dudes 9th birthday:
My baby turned 9 today!!  He is becoming such an amazing young man and I just love him to pieces!
And yesterday was my other baby's 6th birthday!!!!!  Yup they are one day apart!

Too cool!!  Fresh new birthday kicks!

Oh My!!!
I feel very blessed that I have two amazing boys that keep me going and I just love them so much!

On Monday I had my longest training run yet....22 miles in 2:48:01....I am very pleased with this run!
Not only was it my longest run since the NJ marathon in May but it was also very VERY hilly...I ran the first 11.6 miles on my own and then Dawn and Angel met me for the second part of my run.  The weather was perfect, my legs felt great, my mind was exactly where I needed it to be and I was focused!  I absolutely love running out in Fairhill and find the long steep hills an exciting challenge.  I finished the final 10.4 miles in 1:19:51 .... This was the run I needed to boost my confidence and really made me excited for MCM next month.  Look at this beautiful view from my run:

I also was super happy to be running with my girls again:
Post run quick change of clothes in the gas station!
This is my cheesy happy grin I couldn't get rid of post run...PERFECT!

After our run we ventured up to Whole Foods and inhaled the salad bar like champs.  I was way to hungry to take any pictures!

Yesterday I ran a few easy recovery miles...3.5 to be exact.  They were a little faster then I expected but it was such a great night for a run.  Mile 1: 7:56, Mile 2: 7:46, Mile 3: 7:29 and .5 in 3:15.

Today I was post work and my birthday boys had a half of day at school which means no sleep for me...My run was less then stellar.  5.6 miles in 43:54...Just wasn't feeling it today and my body told me NOPE!

Oh well time to go continue celebrating my boys birthdays! 

Who is going to Boston 2014??  Finally confirmations went out today!  YAY

Happy Running!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

RnR Philly Recap:

We have had a busy week so far in our house so I am finally sitting down to write this recap!  I went into the Rock & Roll Philly Half marathon with little expectations for my time and to just use this race as a my training run for MCM next month.  Well,  I did just that and then I beat myself up for the next 24 hours over my time and how I HATE to be over a certain time EVER!  So here is my recap:

I met the Bear Glasgow Y runners at the Y around 5:45am and we planned to leave promptly at 6am ( I think we rolled out of the Y around 6:10 - 6:15 )....This was a lot of fun to go with a group.. I tend to do a lot of races on my own and always wish I had a friend there running too!  We got to the start of the race and I felt like it was VERY disorganized!  The port-a-potty lines were outrageous ... I mean like 45 min long wait outrageous!!  I wish I had taken some pictures of this but I was just trying to get to gear check and use the pot before the race started! 

I also never usually check a bag because my superstar hubby comes to cheer me on but this time I knew it was just a training run so I told him not to bother coming!  So.. I made my way to gear check and dropped off my bag which only took about 5 minutes BUT then they had the port-a-potty lines in the same area as gear check which made for a disaster! Too many people in too small of a space!  Once again those potty lines were not moving and so I missed my corral start and hopped in the front of corral 3 to start...Then had to use the first port-a-potty I saw!!

The other kicker was my Garmin ( which I had just taken off the charger right before I left the house ) decided it was going to die forever!  Even though I rarely look at my watch while running and I am the least technical runner you will meet ... I had planned on being very pace specific for this run!   So since I had no watch/goal I decided to chat with a fellow runner for the first 4-5 miles and just enjoy the day!  On the bright side Garmin released 2 new watches on Monday!!! I am dying for a new one before Marine Corp next month:


I basically ran a spot on progression run and felt like my race was just starting around mile 12.  I got to the finish line and felt like I could have gone another 13.1 and maintained/increased my pace the rest of the way!  This has me very hopeful and excited for MCM but in the moment I was very disgusted with my time.  Strange I know!!

Things I loved about the race:

The weather was PERFECT!
The course was fast and flat... plus it was scenic along the water and historic!  I highly recommended if you are looking for a fast flat course!

It is close to home and minimal travel to get there.
Very friendly volunteers and spectators.
Post race finish line goodies were great!!
Post Race Swag

Things I disliked about the race:

VERY CROWDED!!!  It was hard to get around people and I felt I had to bob and weave in the beginning.
Not enough Port-A-Potties and the lines were wayyyyyy to long for the ones that were available!
The water stations had very few volunteers.
I really expected more bands and more Rock & Roll.

Would I do this race again?  Maybe but I think I am loving the smaller races!

Even though the bus was convenient I think I prefer to get to the start about 20-30 minutes earlier so I don't feel rushed or miss my corral start!  Oh well...I had fun and felt strong throughout the race now time for MCM!!!

Also my Mizuno Wave Sayanoras got all the action Sunday and I have to say I love them!!  I normally wear Wave Riders for races but I am in major need of a new pair right now!
I did carry some Honey Stinger Gel with me just in case I needed it since I did not eat before the run... but I never ate it and ended up with a nice battle mark:

I do love the medal too:
Showing my Philly LOVE!

How did everyone else do at the RnR Philly Half??

What are your upcoming races??

Happy Running!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up..

This past week I am very pleased with my training...

Monday:  Stair Machine  55 mins/ 7 miles and a whole lot of sweat!!!!!!!  I wore my new Under Armour Monza sneaks....LOVE these for cross training!  I really like to save my Mizuno running shoes for JUST running so these UA sneakers are super light and flexible which is perfect for my cross training!  And I love the colors.

I followed up my stair marathon with some weight lifting and PT exercises.

Tuesday:  LSD run....I planned on this run outside but with 98% humidity and 90* I chose to do this one on the treadmill.  So my first 7 miles were at conversational pace while chatting with Angel...7 miles in 55:46..I drank some water popped a few Honey Stingers then continued on.  Miles 8-16 were 7:47 pace and my last 4.45 miles we low 7's...I felt very strong and comfortable until the last 2 miles when my toes started cramping but I think that was because I was running at a faster pace! 
I made sure to hydrate well and foam roll after this run...Then I got called into work until 4 am!!  Talk about a marathon day!

Wednesday: BODYPUMP...This was tough especially the day after a long run but I think taking this class helps me get my strength training in and the time flies by!  I was very distracted by a lady behind me who was using very heavy weight and very, very poor form...I am not sure of proper gym etiquette on this situation but I chose not to say anything to her about it but it seemed very unsafe and I was concerned that she was going to injure herself!

Thursday:  Speed session...Long slow warm up 5 miles @ 7:41 pace then 3 x 1000m repeats with 400m recovery between each on and a 2000m repeat that almost killed me!  I ended with 10.5 miles in 76 minutes.  Mentally the 1000m were tough for me since I wanted to stop after 800 meters...the final 200 meters were hard  forever!  At least I had our dinner date to look forward to during this run...We went out with Lauren and Scott and went to Cantwell's Tavern:

We always have the best time with Lauren and Scott!  Great friends + Great food = HEAVEN!

Friday:  Rest day and trip to the RnR Philly Expo.

Today:  Started off the day with my little guys soccer game, then a quick 4 mile run in 31:13 followed by my big guys football game!  And GORGEOUS weather!

2.5 hrs between games means rest time!
I LOVE Fall Weather!  Black & Yellow!!
Hope to see y'all in Philly tomorrow!!

Happy Running!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Rock and Roll Philly Expo Fun...

Today Angel and I ventured up to Philadelphia to pick up my race packet from the Rock n Roll Expo!
 This is my first RNR event and if it is anything like the expo I know I will love every second of the race.  We got there around 12:30 and went straight in to packet pick up...very efficient and organized!  Then we walked into this tropical adventure:

Mechanical Shoe!!!!

 Brooks really knows how to put on a fun time at their booth!  They always seem to have such creative themes and really interact with the participants...I loved this expo theme!  Giant Shoe Riding, Mount Crackatoe-A (think football fast feet drill ), and a free gait analysis...Also free swag!!!

 And my favorite Port-A-Potty Fitting Rooms!!!!   Angel got a little excited for these....

Even though we had fun at their booth I am still a loyal MIZUNO for life runner!! 
After we played around we then went and checked out all the other vendors...Some of my favorites were Team Refuel with Chocolate Milk:

Yurbuds, Running Skirts ( 50% off all their clothing ), Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Racing Series ( giving out marshmallows dipped in chocolate, chocolate candies, and hot chocolate samples!!! ).....One company that really impressed me was called FitBump...For all you soon to be mommies out there you need to check them out!!!

I really do not have a goal for this race and am using it more for a training run and pacing purpose.  My goal race is MCM in October so this is a good race to get back out there and try to control my pace despite the crowds and excitement!

 Yes....I totally rode the Giant Sneaker!

I think this was one of my favorite expos so far my only compliant was parking...I saw there was a special parking rate for the convention center but we were not given that rate... Oh well at least I did not have to parallel park my bus!!!

Who else is running RNR Philly??

Happy Running!

Monday, September 9, 2013

GI bug and Recovery!

Wow this past week I was hit hard by a GI bug/flu like symptoms...It took me out for at least 3 days.  I am probably the WORST sick patient ever.  I tend to push myself even though I know REST is best but that is a hard thing to obey!  On Tuesday I spiked a temp and have all the GI things going on.  I got dressed in my running clothes and then realized who was I trying to fool ..there was no way I could have ran!  I barely made it to pick my boys up from school!  So I listened to my body and slept...Wednesday same scenario...finally Thursday I felt a little more like myself but just a tad weaker.  So what does a runner training for a marathon do??? lace up and go out for a long run....I ran the first 13.2 miles on the slower end then really pushed the pace the last 4.5 miles.  I ended with 17.7 miles in 2:17:32....
Thank goodness I was the only one in the house to get this wicked bug...My little man took great care of me by taking my temperature and giving me cough drops (because they fix everything according to him) and he kept the Gatorade coming! 

I used Friday as a cross training day and did the Stair Machine and lifted weights/PT exercises! 
I went into work early because we were having a baby boom at work...Congrats to Matt and Amy on the birth of their son!!  And also Congrats to Donna and Jim on the birth of their TWIN boys!!!!!! 

Saturday: R & R (rest and recover) and eat!

Sunday's run was a run that reminds me why I love to run so much!!  It just worked.  Everything from start to finish felt effortless and comfortable... I did 3 miles at 8 min/mile pace then picked it up for the last 4 miles which were at 6:35- 6:39 pace and felt comfortable!!!  This really excites me and helps me trust in my training.  Plus it was a gorgeous day out yesterday and that always helps! 

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful day!

Are you a good patient and rest?

Happy Running!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I LOVE point to point running!

Over the Labor Day weekend we spent one last weekend at the beach and just enjoyed the HUMIDITY!  I had an 18 mile run on Sunday and as I have said before I have a love affair with beach running.  Since my parents beach place is almost exactly 18 miles from Rehoboth I thought it would be a #brilliantrun from Fenwick to Rehoboth.   Well, even at 6:30 am it was 96% humidity!  I set out and really tried to control my pace ( I tend to just go and go out to fast ) was my plan for the miles:

Miles 1-4.5 : 8:35pace
Quick drink and potty break in Bethany
Miles 4.5-9: 8:15-8:20
Hubby met me at Indian River bridge with water and encouraging words!!
Miles 9-12: 8:00-8:05
Hubby had a bottle of Nuun waiting for me
Miles 12-15: 7:45-7:50
Hubby had a ice cold water for me
Miles 15-18: 7:20-7:30
Finished run then met up with Lori and Sandra in Dewey who just ran a 5k!

 I am very happy with how this run went considering the temps and humidity!  I cannot thank my hubby enough for being my SAG crew on this run!  Without him this would have turned ugly fast!!

I also did the full 18 miles in my Wave Sayonara's because the above beauties have seen their last few miles!  I ALWAYS wear my Wave Riders for my distance runs and the above pair only has 282 miles on them ( which is low for me ) but they feel like they are shot.  I can normally get about 400-450 miles on my running shoes.  This makes me really sad but we have had many great miles together!

So MCM training is well under way and I am starting to get very excited for cooler weather running!

I hope everyone enough their Labor Day weekend and this past week!

Happy Running!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Designer Whey WINNERS!!!!!

I have been battling a vicious GI bug/ fever since Tuesday so I am sorry this post is going up so late!

Thank you for entering my Designer Whey Giveaway...I know you will enjoy their products as much as I do!  I am so glad I can enjoy my shakes and experiment more with the products now that I can keep it down.  

So the winners are:

Jen Taylor
Michele Johnson

CONGRATS to you all!!  Please email me @ skoval21(at)aol(dot)com

Please contact me by Sunday 9/08/13 so you can start enjoying Designer Whey!!!

Happy Running!