Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Scrimmage of 2012

Today's workout was a 9 mile tempo run in 66 minutes with my average pace of 7:19.  I started off this run feeling very sore especially in my hamstrings and quads.  I think my hill pyramid from yesterday and TRX from Tuesday really worked out my lower body!  After the first mile things started to loosen up and I found my pace.  I finished with a 6:40 mile and was glad to hop off the treadmill and go through some stretches.  I am really starting to like dynamic stretching  and have noticed increased mobility. 

Today is our first lacrosse scrimmage of the season!!!!!!!!!!!  We have only had 6 days of practice and a lot of the girls have never ever picked up a lacrosse stick before the first day of the season.  I am nervous for them but I know this will be a learning experience and it will help us to narrow down the skills we truly need to focus on.  One good thing about my team is that they are the nicest group of girls I have met and they really never complain!!  Lets Go Raiders!!

After lacrosse I am helping coach a 10K running club at our Y.  Tonight is a 2-3 mile run and I am super excited to share my love for running with this group!  I just hope I don't scare them with my energy. 

Happy Running!


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