Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekly round up & MAC Meet up on the Canal!

So much to catch up on this week!!  My Mud Run Jr post will be up tomorrow for sure... but for now here is what my training looks like so far this week...

Friday:  After working a crazy 12hr midnight shift and just 4 hours of sleep I managed to get to the gym and run a steady 8 miles in 61 minutes while my oldest son worked out in the youth fitness center!   My dear friend Debbie ( who is an amazing chef ) was treating us to her delicious food and beverage at Dawn's house so I was prepared to get my grub on!  This is just one of the best things I have ever tasted:
Crab Avocado Gazpacho
And then this was a perfect summer treat:
Melon, Mozzarella and Prosciutto
Saturday:  We drove down to the beach Friday night and I had planned to run the Jungle Jim's 5K but was on Mommy Duty so I didn't make it to the run.  It looked like a BLAST...My good friends Lori and Sandra ran it and seeing their pictures made me a little jealous.  So I had to lace up and test my speed and new Mizuno Wave Sayonara!!! 
Wave Sayonara
I was sent these AMAZING shoes to sneak peak and try out before they hit the store July 5th!!!!!!!! I am in LOVE....I set out to run 6 miles and decided to test my speed.  6.25 miles in 40 minutes with overall pace of 6:30!  New PR for me and I think the shoes had something to do with it! 

After my run I changed into my bikini and gathered my men and then we hit the beach from 10:30 to 4 pm!!  So much fun and loved every second of spending time with my beach bums!

LOVE them!

Sunday: LAZY day at the beach filled with putt putt golf and boardwalk time!

Monday:  I spent the morning at the bay with the boys and relaxed reading while they were fishing!  I absolutely love beach life and waking up, throwing on a bikini and hanging with my little dudes!  Since I had to work at a 11 pm we drove back home and I laced up for a HILL PYRAMID long run...I forgot how much I loved this run.  Here is what it looks like:
Warm up 10 mins flat and steady pace of 8:06
Increase incline by .5% every 2 minutes until max incline of 5% then decrease incline by .5% every 2 minutes until flat road and repeat!  I did 10.5 miles in 1:22 with average speed of 7:49....This run really kills the quads and will leave you dripping with sweat!

Tuesday:  Since my hubby had 2 softball games and there is a great running course around the fields I decided to lace up again in my Wave Sayonara and log a few HOT HUMID miles!  The course is a 1.8 mile loop with some small inclines and a nice size hill between the fields.. I ran a total of 7.5 miles in 51 minutes with average pace of 7:04 and my gosh I was dripping with sweat!  Even the softball men weren't sweating as bad as I was! 

Today:  Before we hit the pool for the day I ran 4 miles in 29 minutes and did a legs and core workout that was filled with squats, lunges, ham curls, wall sits, and ad/abductors.  I then decided to meet up with my running club for a nice run along the C&D canal!  There were about 10 of us out running and it was another HOT one!  I ran with Dave who is super speedy...We did a total of 5 miles and then all met up for a bite to eat and drink at Schaefers Canal House:
 Not a bad way to end the day and look at that view!!!  Beautiful!  I just need to remember not to kill my legs before I meet up with super speedy runners!  Today's total run was 9 miles in 67 minutes!

Anyone else adjusting to the HOT HUMID summer running?

Happy Running!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Delaware Mud Run Jr.

My boys are SO excited to run in the Mud Run Jr. tonight at Frightland!  My oldest son decided a few weeks ago he wanted to come up with a team name and make t-shirts when he told me his idea I was overwhelmed with emotion.  He wants to remember those injured/killed in Boston so he came up with this:

Say it with your best Boston accent!!!  And the back:
We will always remember 04-15-13. 

I will post after pics when we get back from the mudpits!

For me this week I have been dodging rain storms left and right but still getting in high quality workouts! 

Monday:  I got up bright and early to take Ashley's BodyPump class....Holy QUADS!!  I then went for a 6.25 mile run @ 7:02 pace.  My legs felt nice and heavy the whole time but I figured this is what the last 6.2 of a 26.2 feel like so suck it up and run! 

Tuesday:  I decided to cross train on the stair machine since my legs feel like I ran a marathon today!  I did 50 minutes on the stairmonster and was a sweaty beast when I go done.  I always forget how hard this machine is!  I also did 10 minutes of core work before my little guys swim class.

Wednesday:  Still having some muscle soreness from Monday but once I warmed up my legs felt great.  I did an 8 mile progression run today that went like this:

Mile 1:  8:19
Mile 2:  8:06
Mile 3  7:30
Mile 4: 7:23
Mile 5: 7:13
Mile 6: 7:03
Mile 7: 6:47
Mile 8: 6:30

Felt strong during the middle miles and could have kept going but swim lessons were calling my little guys name!  Followed up by taking a dip in the pool...Now time to go watch the boys get muddy!!!

Anyone else doing the kids mud run??

Happy Running!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wacky Weather and Spirit of the Marathon II

Oh my goodness this weather has been crazy!  Monday we had to "take shelter" at the Y due to a tornado and now today the sky was soooooo dark and gloomy this morning now its sunny and hot!   CRAZY!  On Monday I was able to squeeze in 8 miles just under 60mins before we had to clear out of the gym and take shelter in the gym...this freaked the boys out a lot!  Luckily we did not have any damage from the tornado or storm but it was too close for my liking. 

Tuesday:  I had to work 2 midnight shifts so today was a rest day.. but I did manage to do my PT stuff and core work....I need to really step up my core exercises!  I also finally had the nerve to open this baby and read it:
As I was reading through this I kept getting overwhelmed with emotions and it really hit me just how close we were to everything!!  65 feet from where Chase was in the hotel with my parents and my friend Debbie on the corner of Boylston and Exeter....Just seeing the pictures and where the bombs went off made me count my blessings again!  I think Runner's World did an amazing job with this issue and I will save it forever.  My BFF sent me a text this same day saying she will never delete this text message she has on her phone:
This means more to me than I can explain!

Wednesday:  Tempo 10...My plan today was to start this run off on the slower end and to have a negative split at the end.   So here are my mile splits:
Mile 1: 8:23
Mile 2: 8:19
Mile 3: 8:06
Mile 4: 8:00
Mile 5: 7:47
Mile 6: 7:35
Mile 7: 7:23
Mile 8: 7:03
Mile 9: 6:53
Mile 10: 6:40

I finished this run feeling like I could have just kept going and going!  LOVE it! 
So to finish off a fantastic day Angel and I went to see Spirit of the Marathon II with a group of MAC runners!  This movie was so inspirational and got me thinking of what my future racing goals are.   I have to laugh because normally in movies there is a ton of popcorn chomping and soda slurping but NOT in a theater filled with marathon runners!!!!  

Today was a lifting/core day for me...I am really trying to be good with this cross training and strengthening because when  I start my MCM training cycle I want to be in tip top shape! 

I am working this weekend so no races for me but there is the 23rd Run the Westside Way on Saturday June 15th @ Kelly's Logan House in Wilmington starting at 8:30am and the 26th Paul Schlosser Memorial Sprint Triathlon at St. Andrews School on Sunday June 16th....And if you are down south there are a lot of races to enjoy...10th Annual Georgetown Library 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile Walk on Friday June 14th @ 7pm, 3rd Irish Eyes 5K Dash (Irish Eyes in Milton, DE) Saturday June 15th @ 8 am,  and 22nd Fathers Day 5k Run (Rehoboth Ale House, Rehoboth, DE) Sunday June 16th @ 7:30 am!

Anyone racing this weekend?

Anyone else see Spirit of the Marathon?

I wanted to send a HUGE CONGRATS to my Chiropractor and the birth of his beautiful TWIN GIRLS!!!  And also another HUGE CONGRATS to Jess @ blondeponytail for the birth of her gorgeous baby girl! 

Happy Running!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up!

Let Summer Vacation begin!!  I now have a 3rd grader and Kindergartner!  So this is what my past weekly workouts have looked like:

Monday:  I was craving some double digit miles for sure...So I did 10.6 in  82 mins and felt amazing!  Then it was time for this to happen:

10" donated!
Bye Bye shaggy hair

 I told Loren I needed a change and boy did she give me one and I LOVE it!!!  She has been doing my hair for 14 yrs now and I have never been disappointed!
Tuesday:  Today was a random speed work day and I really did not have a specific plan so here is how it went down:
1 warm up mile @ 8:06
Varied repeats from 400 meters to 1600 meters with a quick recovery in between....I ended with a total of 8 miles in 58 minutes!  My new hair do got a little tricky especially with the lack of ponytail and sweat absorption!!  Sorry Benny is my sweat kept flinging on you...Oops!

Wednesday:  Big Preschool graduation today post midnight shift...

And NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!!  So after a quick nap we all laced up and went out to the park and participated in various physical activity!  I ran a quick 1.25 miles in 8 mins while the boys and hubby played basketball!  I have realized I am NOT so great at basketball so I will stick to lacrosse and running!
Thursday:  I met one of the newest trainers at the Y and he offered to help me out with my "pathetic" back strength!   I was nervous/excited for this and really looked forward to his advice.  I started with a 1 mile warm up in 8:12 then we got to lifting!  He had me do 5 different back exercises then triceps and abs!  Boy my triceps felt the burn....I really like his sport specific training and his approach to working the complete muscle group!  I hope to be the strongest me by the end of the summer!

Since my oldest son had baseball practice and there was a beautiful lonely track by his field that was calling my name...I decided to do a little track speed work!  Warm up .50 mile then 400 meter repeats with fast recovery lap for a total of 3 miles in 20:12 followed by a few cool down laps!   Total 4 miles in 30 mins.  This was a nice little evening workout!

Friday:  POURING RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I physically and mentally was not into this run today! 
Just basically "got through" it 4.75 miles in 35 minutes.   At least today is NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!  Seems a little ironic that National Running Day and National Donut Day are in the same week?!?!  Hope you all enjoy you Friday!

If you are looking to race please come out and run with my running club at the Race to Find a Cure in Middletown, DE and Saturday... starts at 8:15 @ Silver Lake.  Or if you are down the beach join Races2Run on Sunday for the 7th Annual Dewey Beach Liquors at the Cork 5K  which starts at 8 am!
LOVE these PROBALLS from the Rudder
 This was one of the post race treats served at the Rusty Rudder and it was delicious!!  So if you are racing at the beach you will have to try these out!

Anyone racing this weekend?

Happy Running!