Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hill Pyramid

Today's run...8.15 mile hill pyramid : 1 hr 02 mins

So my run today looked like this:


I started off with a warm up mile @ 8:12 pace then increase my speed to 8:06 pace and set my incline to 1%.  Every 2 minutes I increased my incline by .5% until I reached a max of 4.5% incline then I decrease the incline by .5% every 2-4 minutes until I reached a flat and cranked up the speed.  I finished with a 6:48 mile then cooled down, stretched, and foam rolled.  I was on an incline for most of the run and my quads and hamstrings were definitely feeling it from TRX last night.  One thing I have noticed is that my SI joint really does not like steady hill climbs and I have to really protect my joint and foam roll it out after I do hill runs.  Thank goodness my husband has been great and can adjust my SI joint for me! 

So now I am off to lacrosse practice and it is 60* here in Delaware today.  We have our first scrimmage tomorrow and I cannot wait to see how we look out there.  I am so proud of my girls already and I can see the progress coming along!  I am very lucky we have some extremely speedy girls and they NEVER complain about running!

Do you run hills?  What is your favorite hill workout to do?

Happy Running!

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