Sunday, March 4, 2012

It "pays" to run sloooooow!

Today's run was my LSD (long slow distance) with my two best running buddies!!  We headed out around 7:30 am and our plan was to run 16-18 miles.  I had the 18 miles to do and ideally wanted my pace in the low 8's...Angel and Dawn had 16 miles at 8:30 pace.  I absolutely love my runs with my girlfriends!!  We talk about EVERYTHING and anything.  Dawn has some killer hills back by where she lives so our goal was to hit some big hills early on then loop back grab our water then reverse the run to end with the monster hill!  Hill #1 at mile 2

Hill # 22

This is Dawn and Angel charging those beast hills!!  They are a pain to go up but a blast to come down.  I love this route because it is challenging and preparing me for Boston but also because of the surrounding.  There are tons of horse farms, rolling hills and usually very little traffic.  One thing I noticed today was the amount of litter on the side of the roads..people are so rude sometimes and it is just careless to throw out McDonald's bags and 40 oz bottles!  I am thinking of join the road cleaning crew or adopting a highway especially after finding this on the side of the road...

It pays to run!

This will definitely go to a good cause!  Dawn and Angel also got some green bills too!

 After I stretched and showered my brother took me and my boys to Atlantic City for the day. I believe this was my 1st time there and we had a blast!  There was lots to see and do especially shopping.  We had lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe and meet up with some friends.


After lunch we went down to the shore and checked out the ocean.  This is when the boys spotted this.....

Which had this inside....

27 pound gummy bear!

NO I did not buy this!!!  Even though there was some begging... I gave up candy for lent and had to walk away for this beauty!

Have you ever found $$$ or anything unusual on a run??

Happy Running!


  1. I am heading to AC right now to get the giant gummy! I will share if you cave on your commitment.

  2. janae@hungryrunnergirl.comMarch 7, 2012 at 1:53 PM much MONEY!!! That is awesome. I need to go to SUGAR:) Great run and those hills made me out of breath just looking at them ha!