Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Snacks and Healthy Eats ...

We have had some pretty awesome weather around here so far and have enjoyed going to the pool, beach and bay.  Since we are constantly on the go I have been trying to stock up on healthy snacks and treats for both myself and the boys.  It is definitely easy to just grab junk but then I feel like crap after eating it so I wanted to share with y'all some of the things I am loving right now!

1.  Almond Butter ... On EVERYTHING!!  I love the crunchy/raw kind and eat it on celery, apples, toast with honey, bananas or mix a spoon full in non-fat Greek yogurt!

2. Guacamole .... I am obsessed with avocados and also eat them plain but I love to make guacamole!!  I use carrots, cucumbers, celery or multi grain chips to scoop up the deliciousness!

3. Hummus ... Once again fresh veggies to scoop it up!

4.  Fresh fruit .. I love to freeze grapes, blueberries and mango to take on to the beach with me!  SOOOO refreshing and the kids love it too!

5.  Healthy snacks like this trail mix here .. or I will make my own sweet trail mix that the kids absolutely devour!

6.  Chia Squeeze!  So simple, easy and nutrient packed!

7.  Quick summer salads ... this one is a Quinoa, Wheat berry and Brown Rice Salad.

8.  Dried Fruit ... this helps with the sweet tooth and sugar craving that I get!


9.  Kind Bars!!!  We are LOVING these right now!  So clean and natural ... there is no excuse to eat junk when you can grab on of these bars:

Most of the time I am literally finishing up a run/workout then throwing on a bathing suit and packing up to head out for the day with the kids:

So these are all simple and easy healthy options that we love plus I always make sure my boys have their sandwiches ( I use natural PB and honey or strawberry jam ) .. luckily they are not horribly picky eaters!
And of course we splurge on our beach treats also:

Checkout Real Food Period for tons of healthy quick food!  Chef Debbie has a ton of yummy quick summer salads and meals waiting for you.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

What are your favorite summer snacks??

Happy Running!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

School's Out, REAL FOOD period, and Running Slump..

Summertime has officially started and we could not be more excited!!  We started off with a big Kindergarten Graduation on Thursday followed by the end of school for my oldest on Friday:

On Friday I was able to run with Dawn and FINALLY catch up with her and all her new beginnings!  We ran 10 miles of hills & more hills with a few fast paced miles.  This was a great run and even better company.  Dawn just opened an amazing store in Middletown with so many delicious and HEALTHY choices!  My dear friend Debbie is the chef there and let me tell ya she is uber talented!!  I got a quick sneak peak on Friday before the official opening on Saturday so I had to sneak a few pics to share!  PLEASE go check this amazing store out ... you will be hooked!

Look at all the choices!!!

Then we packed up and went to our favorite place:
Rere and Poppop's beach place!

There is something so relaxing and special about beach running!  I LOVE it ... We are so lucky to have our family all together and enjoy the beach.

My aunt and uncle came down and brought our cousin Aidan with them ..  He and my boys had a blast and of course had to show off their muscles!

I got up early and did a nice 10 mile run from Fenwick to Bethany and back ... It was the best weather for a run then a quick dip in the ocean:

Followed by some planking:  His and Hers style!

I have definitely been in a running slump lately since I am currently not training for anything right now.  I tend to overdue it when I am not following a training plan ... so I am trying to focus more on core work, weight training and speed training instead of high junk miles.  We shall see how it goes!!

This week I have done :
Sunday 10 miles in 72:04 .. core work!
Monday:  7.25 miles of speed work:  2 mile warm-up @ 8:12 pace followed by 1x1600m @ 6:38, 10x400m @ 1:27- 1:31 all with a 60 second recovery in between and a cool down!
Tuesday:  15 minutes on the stairmonster then BodyPump!
Wednesday:  9.2 miles with 4 mile steady pace of  7:50 then 4 miles quick pace 6:48 with a 1.2 mile cool down!

Now we are off to Real Food Period for some delicious food!

Happy Running!