Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Sports In Full Swing...

March 1 marked the first day of Spring sports craziness in our household!  So far I am currently coaching High School girls lacrosse, plus training for the Boston Marathon, my oldest son is playing youth lacrosse
 ( this makes my heart smile ), my youngest is playing little league baseball, and my hubby is playing softball!! Oh yeah ... plus my REAL job and mommy duties .. Needless to say we are jam packed busy!  Thank GOD I have amazing parents who go above and beyond to help us out!

This past week I was able to get in some pretty great workouts and even an OUTDOOR long run:

Sunday:  5.15 miles of hills in 39:47 .. I am coming off a 3 night midnight shift stretch.

Monday:  14 glorious miles along the canal ... the first 7 miles were all rainbows and sunshine then we turned around and caught a wicked headwind the final 7 miles back!  We finished in 1:45:01 which I am very pleased with and killed the last 3 miles!
Beautiful view

Jen and I are both running Boston and it is so incredible to have someone to push/suffer with on the long runs and training for a marathon!

My Running Buddy Jen

I Love this trail!

While we were running my dad called and asked me to lunch ... I absolutely love my lunch dates with my dad...

Tuesday:  Post work REST day and first lacrosse scrimmage ..
I LOVE my lacrosse girls and their desire to improve is awesome!  We had our first scrimmage this week and a few of the girls actually requested that I make them run more!!  Heck yes this made me happy.  So they got what they asked for by way of a little track session workout:

Wednesday:  Speed work day ...
2.5 mile warm
3 x 1600 M repeats 6:22, 6:18, 6:12
400 M RI ( recovery interval )
4 x 800 M @ 3:18, 3:16, 3:15, 3:15
600 M RI
5 x 400 M @ 1:33, 1:33, 1:31, 1:29, 1:29
60-90 seconds RI
1 mile cool down
12 miles total in 1:35

I then took the girls lacrosse team to the track and had them do 400 M repeats at the track ... 1 lap slow 1 lap all out sprint for a total of 2 miles .... I of course did this with them.

After a very looooong day I decided to enjoy a delicious beverage that Jen got for me:

So refreshing!

Today's workout consisted of 70 minutes on this torture device:

Thank you Angel for catching me in action!  Do NOT let my smile fool you .. I normally look like I am going to die at any second while on this machine!   I am in love with my Oiselle outfit I have on in this picture too.  These are by far my favorite shorts to run/workout in!

Any DogFish Head lovers out there?  What is your favorite brew?

Happy Running!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What If Everybody Ran?? Mizuno ...

As you may know I am a huge Mizuno fan and I seriously love each and every one of my Mizuno sneaks! Not only do I love their shoes but the company as a whole is AMAZING!  Mizuno does not just support the FASTEST or the GREATEST athletes but EVERYBODY not matter your speed or mileage!  My life and training has been improved and inspired through this company and I am in love with their latest campaign:
 IF EVERYBODY RAN!  What would the world be like if everybody ran?  How would we be different?


Today Mizuno released their research findings!!!  Pretty amazing info:















I have to agree with each and every single one of these!  I know through running I have made so many friends and have had some of the greatest moments in my life while running.  Look at all the positives to lacing up and starting!   The hardest part is taking that first step/stride...We have the power to make a change and impact on our future!!  If you are afraid just know to believe in yourself and your body will follow!  More Smiles, More Birthdays, More Sunrises, Better Sleep, Less Hospital Visits ... Lets do it and be the change!!

Happy Running!!