Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TRX Tuesday Plus

Today is my TRX class that always kicks my rear! Since yesterday was a rest day I squeezed in 7 miles in 53 minutes before class and kept the pace fairly easy.  I thought this sounded like a great idea until half way through class when my muscles started to rebel against me!

We started with a total body warm up then went straight into class!  She had us working every muscle group...Lots of chest, shoulders, legs and abs.  After each set of exercises we had a cardio burst on the Bosu ( jump squats, straddle squats, and lateral hops ).  Once we finished round one we got to pick our favorite exercises and complied them into round two of exercises!  We finished class with almost 2 minutes of plank/core work!! Ouch...just about sums this workout up! 

On the bright side my lacrosse team has their second scrimmage today and I am super confident they are going to do well!  We are playing another tough team but I think my girls have really improved their skills and have worked hard on our defense.  Let's Go Raiders!

And it is 70* here today! Perfect running/lacrosse weather!

Happy Running!

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