Saturday, March 10, 2012

Epic Fail

I had a pretty busy night at work and was working off of little sleep.  I got home around 8 a.m. and was in bed by 9:30 a.m.   Last night I felt like I could not drink enough water!  I just felt the more I drank the thirstier I got.  I planned on running 10 miles today but I only made it to 6 miles.  My mouth felt like cotton and my legs started cramping around 4 miles.  I absolutely despise when my "runner" brain tells me one thing and my body says the complete opposite!!!  I debated pushing it to 10 miles but I had "phoned a friend" and she said STOP RUNNING and go drink a Gatorade! 

Logically I know my body was telling me to stop but it is so hard to get over the training schedule that tells me 10 not 6 miles.  Also, my mom had my little guy and my hubby, dad, and my oldest son went to the beach for the day so I didn't feel so guilty about fitting in a 10 mile run.  So part of me felt like I wasted my resources and failed on my run today! 

I usually like to stick to my training schedule but I also know flexibility is needed sometimes to.  This weekend is hard to adjust my routine due to my work schedule and trying to balance my family time as well as getting a few hours of sleep.  I am very blessed with such a supportive husband, parents who go above and beyond, and my children who think I WIN every time I go out for a run. 

My Crew!

Since I have to work again tonight I really am glad I listened and went home and hydrated!

How do you overcome your "runner" brain?

Happy Running!

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