Thursday, March 1, 2012

Speedwork and First Day of Lacrosse!

So here is how my speedwork went today:

2 mile warm-up @ 7:53

4 x 800 @  6:33 with .25-.50 recovery pace of 7:47

1 mile @  6:30

1 x 800 recovery pace of 7:53

I followed up this run with lots of foam rolling and stretching.

Today is March 1 which marks the beginning of High School Lacrosse season 2012.   I absolutely love the sport of lacrosse and the skills it takes to play.  But even more than the sport I love leading the girls thru their runs and agility work.  We started off the season with full field ladder runs x 8!!  The girls had to run and a moderate pace when I blew the whistle they had to accelerate to a sprint until I blew the whistle again.  Oh my...We have some very speedy girls this year and they really impressed me today.  I had them follow-up the run with some agility work and mainly focused on foot speed.  I am really excited for this season especially after seeing their current abilities and potential.  Today was a beautiful day for lacrosse!!!

Now it is time to head to work for my 11 pm to 7:30 am shift :-(

What is your favorite speedwork drill??

Happy Running!

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  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.