Saturday, March 3, 2012

North Star Saturday

Today started off at 6:30 am with a nice big cup of coffee and then I was headed out the door to lacrosse practice.  The skies opened up and started to pour rain just as we headed out for the run.  We finished 1.5 miles and headed inside to run some stairs.  Oh boy, I forgot had hard running stairs actually is!!  26.2 miles no problem but 15 minutes of stair running no thank you!  Indoor practice is one of my least favorite things...extremely bouncy balls on a hardwood floor x 35 girls = total chaos.  So we worked with what we had and got a lot of work done. 

After practice I planned on running 8 miles but when the time came I wasn't really in the mood.  This rarely happens to I decided to listen to my body and I went to the gym and cross trained.  It was exactly what I needed!  I did get to talk about running and shoes with a new runner at the Y! 

Once I was showered and looked somewhat human again we headed out for a wild saturday night at church followed but dinner at North Star Bar and Grill with the Fam!   

 Me and my boys!

 I am very lucky that all my aunts and uncles and cousins all live within miles to 45 minutes away.  I have a pretty amazing family who is so supportive of one another and we all actually get along!

  Hello Stella

Thanks Angel for suggesting this beverage!  It is very rare that I have a drink but I figure it is sort of carb loading for my 18 miler tomorrow, no?

Does your family live close by or miles away?

Happy Running!

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