Saturday, May 17, 2014

End of a Chapter, MY Birthday and the Delaware Marathon Relay!

The past 2 weeks have seriously come down to crunch time ... the 2014 lacrosse season has come to an end, Mother's Day, My birthday, and the Delaware Marathon ALL happened within the past 6 days!

So here we go:

May 11th .... Mother's Day and the Delaware Marathon Festival!  My day started at 5am and thankfully Momma Way ( Jen's mom ) picked me up and I hitched a ride to the start with Jen!  Jen ran the FULL marathon and I was on the 4 person relay team!  I honestly had myself so stressed out about this distance!  I LOVE mileage and distance runs ... something in me craves 20+ milers but the thought of running FAST for shorter distance scares the crap out of me!  I was afraid of failing and letting my teammates down.  I was scheduled to go as the 4th runner and probably should have relaxed and sat down for the 3 hours prior to my leg start BUT I was so nervous I couldn't relax.  By the time I was waiting in the transition area for John I felt like I had already ran and my legs felt heavy and tired ... plus it was VERY hot by this point.  Finally,  I just told myself to run and have fun ... I did!!  3:04:?? and 2nd coed open team.  Not horrible but I definitely felt the heat and fatigue by going 4th!

Jen killed it and finished the 26.2 in 3:36:52 ... she placed 1st in her AG!  YAY!!

THE WAY Crew!!


Jen B., Jen W., and myself are all Boston Bound for 2015!!!

After the race we enjoyed a few beverages from Frank's Wine:

Champagne Cocktails are a winner!!

I have never ran this 26.2 race because it is a double loop and in my mind that seems awful .. BUT if you are looking for a fast, it is NOT flat, small field size ( 515 full marathoners ) this is the race for you!!  The after party is a BLAST and it is sponsored by my work ... YAY!

Right after the race I had to haul it home, shower, then head to my big guys lacrosse games!!  BEST Mother's Day ever!

My mom is truly a saint and we should celebrate her year round!  I hope my boys know how blessed they are to have her!

My sweaty lacrosse player!  He makes me so proud.

Melt my heart!

I could not have asked for a better day!  We celebrated Mother's Day over a delicious meal at Cantwell's Tavern and just enjoyed each other!
Tueday May 13:

MY BIRTHDAY!!!  I decided for my birthday I want to run a 35K and luckily my girls Dawn and Angel joined me in the celebration!

While I was running my first 8.5 miles I was receiving amazing text messages the whole time!!!! BEST EVER!!

IT felt like it was the peak of summer today out on the run!!  80+ degrees and 68% humidity already!
Angel, Dawn and I ran 9 miles together ( forgot to snap a pic of us all ) ... then Angel saddled up while I finished out my miles!  21.7 miles done in 2:55.

Then I went to lunch with Nicole, Lori, and Angel!!!!!!!  There is something SO special about having amazing girlfriends! I feel so loved and luckily to have them in my life!!

Nicole knows me better than myself sometimes and her gifts made me teary!!!  ( I will post pic asap )
AND this card from Angel was perfect ... We actually throw this saying out A LOT when we are struggling on our runs!

I am in LOVE with this Coach clutch from my BFF and my godsons for Mother's Day!!

Lori made me delicious cupcakes that I think we inhaled before I could take a picture!!!!

Then the party continued ... lacrosse practice with these fabulous girls:

Even though we didn't win EVERY game they completely make my heart and soul happy!  I feel honored to be their coach!  They sang Happy Birthday to me and brought me cookies and cupcakes ... Amazing!

Yup the party kept on rolling after practice I finally had my birthday tradition of Kenny's sushi:

My Family!!
THANK YOU to everyone for making my day/week special!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

Happy Running!