Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh My Hills and Peroneal Tendons

Last night at work was CRAZY!!!  I think every pregnant person in Delaware decided to go into labor!  We got slammed and I ran my tail off at work.  So when I came home my head hit the pillow and I was out like a light for 4 hours.  On my days off I try to just take a quick nap then have some quality family time and get in a quick run.  My boys had a birthday party to attend so I headed out for a hill run.  I did 7.5 miles in 57 minutes and varied my incline from .5% to 5%...Hills always make my quads burn and shake!  I noticed my peroneal tendons were a little aggravated from yesterdays speed work.  I torn my right peroneal tendon back in November after the Philadelphia Marathon but recovered very quickly with the help of my amazing physical therapy.

I am not sure exactly why this issue is starting to flare up but I am already on top of trying to correct it before it gets worse!   Ice, rolling, Ibuprofen,  massaging out my trigger points and strengthening my ankles are all parts of my routine.  Hopefully this will get better and not worse!

My two running buddys went out on their 10 mile run today and saw a few men picking up trash on the side of the of the men was doing a "happy dance"!  Guess what he found?  $50 in the same exact spot we found of $$ a few weeks prior!  I think we found the "gold pot" at the end of the rainbow!!

Dawn wants to know where her cash money is!! I love this picture of Angel and Dawn!

My brother's girlfriend ran her first 26.2 today in 4:27!! She did the Virginia Beach Marathon and said it was a great course and had a blast.  And the medal was cute too!



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