Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goofy's Challenge Part 3...Full Marathon...Finally

Wow I am not even going to pretend things have been calm around here!  I have been working a lot more hours and still trying to get it all done and be the best mommy I can be.  So this post unfortunately had to take a back seat in this wild ride. 

January 13,2013 the 20th Anniversary of the WDW Marathon and the weather was perfect for running.  It got a little hot toward the end of the race and I am sure the folks who were out there for 6-7 hours were struggling with the heat but that is my kind of weather! 
We got to the race retreat a little earlier due to the crazy crowds of the half marathon and I made sure I had plenty of time to get to my corral.  I met up with some friends in the corral which was awesome to sit and chat with before the race started!  These friends are AMAZING Ironman athletes and race practically every weekend:

I have to say I absolutely love the start of every Disney race...Fireworks!!  They really know how to get the adrenaline flowing.  So my game plan for the race was to just have fun and not look at my watch.  I made sure to stop and get pictures with a few of the characters and drink plenty of water.  In years past I have had trouble with nutrition on the marathon...I usually end up starving around mile 15 so this year I made sure to fuel proper before hand and to take a few honey stingers from mile 15 on.  I really loved the course this year and the change of scenery.  I like that the course took us to Magic Kingdom first so mile 6 was coming through Cinderella's Castle and then we heading out toward the Polynesian where I knew Danny would be.  We also got to run a lap around the Raceway track and look at all the fancy cars!  After that we were on our way to Animal Kingdom .... There were a few less then pleasant smells leading up to Animal Kingdom!!  My boys love the Animal Kingdom so this part of the race always makes me smile and think of them.  Then miles 14-17 we were on our way to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and in for a surprise at mile 20.  I really enjoyed running through the complex and seeing all the sports practices going on..we even did a lap around the track!  Mile 20 was all decked out with entertainment and the one and only mouse himself!!  Mickey, Donald and Goofy were all there for a photo opportunity.  After that is was on to Hollywood Studios, the Boardwalk/Beach and Yacht Club area and into Epcot for the final stretch!  I love this part of the race and you can hear all the cheers and people encouraging you along the way!
I finished in 3:33 and will take it considering I really did just go out and ran for fun and enjoyment.  One thing that really inspired me and got me choked up was that every mile marker had a Sandy Hook memorial by them. 

Never forget the innocent people who were taken too soon! 

All done!
Love the Disney BLING!!
I made sure to go get my post race massage again by the same talented massage therapist!!  ( I believe she is the reason I was barely sore post race!)  Then I made sure to refuel with some delicious sandwiches, soup and fruit!  Danny also enjoyed the yummy post race food...It is hard to spectate you know!  We hung out for a little while and watched the overall winners receive their awards and enjoyed the post race party.
We love Mizuno..Daisy needs a pair!

Then I was ready for the shower and a BEER. 
We had a later lunch/early dinner schedule at Le Cellier in Epcot so we went back and caught the final few racers coming into finish.  I give them so much credit for being out there for 7+ hours and still having fun!  There were people finishing and running with beers, margaritas, eating jumbo turkey legs and pretzels!  Good times. 

My lunch was amazing and hit the post 40 mile spot:
Mushroom bacon burger and pickles!
 This was by far one of my most enjoyable races I have ever ran and I truly love the Magic of Disney!

Anyone running the Princess Half Marathon next month?

Happy Running!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Goofy's Challenge Part 2...Half Marathon

Friday we switched hotels and moved over to our favorite hotel the Polynesian:
We normally stay Club Level but it was closed for refurbishment so we had a park view room!  Once we checked in we headed out to Epcot for the day and just cruised around the park...We had a nice carb loading lunch at Via Napoli which was AMAZING:
Don't mind if I do!
 We did not have a single crumb left!
After lunch we walked around a little bit more and did a few rides then went back to hotel and rested since we have to be up by 3 am to head to the race start!

We had the Race Retreat package for the half marathon so we just grabbed a bagel, banana and some coffee in the tent before the race.  This is a extra cost but so worth it...It is a heated/air conditioned tent with private port-a-potties, tons of food and beverages (water, powerade, coke products, tea coffee), a stretching/massage area as well as character photos!  I am so doing this for now on!
Race Retreat Tent

There is about a 20 minute walk to the start of the race so after I got fueled up I said bye to Danny and walked to the start!  Well, it was a mess...So So So crowded and took about 35-40 minutes to get to my corral A. 
walk to the start
This was just the start of the walk to the corrals!  Apparently they increased the field size and more people showed up this year to run the race.  I had wanted to use the pot again before the start but there were no port-a-potties near corral A so a few girls were popping squats near the trees so I decided to give it a go...Well never again!  There were little prickly things from the brushes that got stuck all in my hair and on my well as the other girls also!  This totally freaked me out but I guess that is what I get for squatting in the jungle!  
I wore my Team Sparkle red skirt, my red sparkly BIC band and my Running Skirts tank top which I am in love with!!

I couldn't find my pace for the first 4 miles or so because it was so overcrowded and people were running slow!  I decided at this point this is just for fun and not a race...So when I started to see the characters along the way I stopped for a few and got my picture taken.  The crowd support here is also great and so many people are out a cheering us on!  I did see Danny a few times along the way which was awesome!  He snagged a few pics:
Female winner: Melissa White of Hanson Brooks
The weather was great..a little warm towards the finish but I will take it over freezing cold weather any day!

My time was not great but will do... 1:40.  So after I finished we went back into the race retreat and Danny ate while I got my massage!  It was the best massage ever.. My girl knew exactly where my tender spots were and really worked on them as well as adjusted my out of place rib!  No wonder it was hard to take a deep breath.  After the massage we hung out, ate, took a few pics then loaded the bus to go back to the hotel. 
Some of the fairies
I went to the pool for a little post race relaxation and sunshine:
Later we went to Magic Kingdom and did a few rides and had dinner at the Crystal Palace which was delicious and I was quite full and ready for bed when we were done.  Another early morning was ahead for us.  We watched the fireworks then went to bed.  1/3 of the way done the Goofy's Challenge....26.2 to go!

WDW 20th Anniversary Marathon post up next!

Happy Running!

Goofy's Challenge Part 1...Expo

We arrived in Disney on Thursday Jan. 10 around 11 am and checked into our hotel.  I made sure I carried on the most important items I own!

We dropped off our things then headed straight over to the expo to beat the mad rush. 
Disney packet pick up runs fairly smooth and is easy to navigate.  It is always a fun upbeat time at the ESPN Wide World of Sports!  Lots of energy and music going on and all things running related! 

The worker/volunteer/cast members are all so friendly and supportive!
We hung out at the expo and scoped out all the running gear and new things!  New Balance announced that they are the Official RunDisney sneaker and people were snatching up the Mickey and Minnie themed shoes left and right...By the time I made it over to pick up a few pair for friends they only had women's size 6 left!!! WHAT?!?!
My brother did snag a pair before the rush.  I am a Mizuno gal and will not be tempted by their cuteness!!  LOVE my MIZUNO!!!

I picked up a new pair of sunglasses since my last pair did not survive Richmond and my all time favorite socks FEETURES!!  Ever since I started running I have worn this brand and have never had any issues with blisters.  They truly make a world of difference!  Expo prices are great and my hubby is hooked on these too so we grabbed 4 pair!  I cannot say enough good things about FEETURES..they even have plantar fasciitis sleeves that are pretty amazing!  So if you are looking for new socks check them out asap!

I love finding new companies and products that are personalized and local ( USA )...Well this one totally caught my eye!  Their gear is fantastic..the company is called Ink N Burn and they are from California.   They use local artist to design their clothing and each piece is so unique!
Some of the ladies gear
A few of the men's shirts

Jean compression Capri's
The owner Rob was super nice and easy to chat with!  It makes me want to move to California and work with them!! 
Add caption
If you are looking for a unique piece to spice up your running/workout wardrobe then this is totally the company for you!  Check them out online at InkNBurn.  I am so getting the jean capris ...they look so real and functional at the same time!

I also stopped by the KT tape booth to have my knee taped because I was nervous it would give me issues racing back to back:
Indepth convo happening!
I am a fan of tape and really find that it helps me...I have used both Rock Tape and KT and I have to say both work but Rock Tape NEVER comes off and really works longer. 

This is a huge expo/event and there really is a lot to see and do here.  They also have an amazing speaker series and great swag!
Swag bag race shirts!
Love me some Goofy!
After the expo we went to the Boardwalk Hotel and walked around for a little while and grabbed a yummy bite to eat at Big River Grille and Brewery.  I opted for a grilled chicken salad and the beer sampler and the hubby and I split the nachos!  So good!  Disney does it right. 

Half Marathon post up next!

Last week and this week are a small recovery period for me so I have been doing a lot of cross training...Bike, stair machine, weights and core class today! 

Happy Running!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back to Reality...

I had a BLAST in Disney but slacked on the blogging because my wifi connection was awful and we were having such a magical time!  But now I am back to the cold and back to reality... and I love it!  I will do a full recap up this week but before I left I got a package in the mail and have to share it with you guys:
This completely made my day!  These are the Mizuno Wave Universe and they are AMAZING...I was searching for a new speedwork/racing flat to start training in and I fell in love with these.  They are super light weight and fit like a glove.  Here are the specifics on the Wave Universe:

"With a resin Wave that disperses shock, cushions and protects, and an exterior featuring soft, suede overlays, the Wave Universe 4 is built for speed. A shoe that feels like there is more than there is. Just enough personified. "

They weigh 3.8 oz and have amazing traction on the sole of the shoe.  I am a HUGE fan and suggest these for racing or speedwork!   I love the design and the color...mine are Royal Purple and Lime Punch.  They come in unisex sizing so I normally wear a women's size 10 so these are a size 8 and fit perfect.  I cannot get over how great they feel!
Add caption
Love the grip

I have said it before but I am a MIZUNO fan and am very passionate about their products and gear!  The customer service there is exceptional and they go way above and beyond to keep customers running!  THANK YOU again. 

Also, if you are on twitter check out Premier Protein.  They are hosting a contest currently and you could win a BOX of their new product they are coming out with!  They have given 4 clues so far as to what the product will be...all you have to do is give a guess and be entered to win..You don't even have to guess correctly to win!  Bonus!

Happy Running!

Disney post to come so check back

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gearing Up for Goofy

So over the past few weeks I had to change up my training and prepare for Goofy's challenge (half marathon 13.1miles on Saturday and full marathon 26.2 miles on Sunday) and possibly the 5K on Friday too.  I have added more milage and back to back longer runs into my plan as well as juggling working a little more and a lot less sleep.  Unfortunately,  I have slacked off on the blogging a bit but now its time to get back on track!

My week of workouts:
I revisited my long lost friends the Stairmonster and Octane machine.  Got a great sweat on and was able to feel like I worked hard!

Thursday I did 7 miles in 52 minutes and everything felt good..Angel and I went up to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and restocked on lots of nutritious eats!  I really wish we had a Whole Foods closer to my house but it is always a fun time going up there anyway.

Friday: 9 miles in 68 minutes..there was nothing really to special about this run and lately it has been taking me awhile to get motivated to lace up.  I think my body is reminding me it needs some down time and recovery. 

Saturday was a much needed rest day and Christmas with Nana!  We are so blessed with such amazing people in our lives and really enjoy just spending time with the one's who are true to us.  The boys always love going to Nana's and playing in her huge yard...She also has lots of pets so they can get their animal fix since we do not own any pets! 

Sunday I ran 11.5 miles and the time flew by!  I love those runs where you look at your milage and think "No Way 9 miles done already"!!  This run felt great and I made sure to ice and stretch properly afterward!!

Today's run was a nice quick and short 4.2 miles in 28:46...I worked last night and again tonight and something at work has been irritating my I have been trying all kinds of different solutions to help prevent this from happening so lets hope tonight is not a repeat of last night!

Anybody running Disney this weekend?  Or have future plans of running Disney!?!

Happy Running!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012...Welcome 2013

Happy 2013 everybody!  Well 2012 went out with a bang and lots of great memories.  This past week has looked like this:

Sunday I ran a quick 10.25 miles in 75 minutes with an average pace of 7:19.  It was freezing out so I stuck to the good ol' TM and played with the elevation here and there to make the run go faster.  Also Jen joined me again and we chatted about New Years and the holidays! 

Monday (New Years Eve and last chance miles):
Beautiful Sunrise
 I met Angel for the final run of the year and it was an adventure!  When we started our run it was 28* out but with no wind so it wasn't too bad.  We really didn't have a plan for pace but more for distance.  We ran Money Road and this route has some nice hills and minimal traffic.  Everything was going great we even stopped and grabbed a drink and chatted with Shara before we hit a little trail running...This is went we had the friendly dog attack!  We were running along and saw another runner and her black lab...he came bolting toward us and was very excited.  I happened to stop and slow down to pet the dog and Angel kept jogging...well he took this as a sign to tackle Angel:
Proof! Paw print on Angel's a$%
 The owner felt very bad and the dog truly was just playing but Angel took a beating!  We continued along made a pit stop at Acme then finished up out 12.86 miles...We I got home I logged my miles for my grand total for 2012 and it was @ 2298 miles...So my OCD self laced back up and ran a quick 2.10 miles to round up to 2300 miles ran in 2012!!!  I also added some kettle bell work, lunges and wall squats to make it worth my effort! 
Post run fuel!!

I ended up getting called into work and working 12 hours for New Years Eve and my goodness we were CRAZY busy with babies being born!!  We seriously were non-stop all night and took a quick 10 seconds to watch the ball drop and drink sparkling cider then went right back at it:
Happy New Year with my BIC band!!
BIC band is having a great sale right now and please take advantage of it!! This are the BEST head bands and I have a bunch of them.  They honestly do not move!!  I have worn them for races, running,  to work (see above),  or just for everyday wear!  They come in all sizes and colors...I have tried many bands before and so far BIC is my all time favorite...I have never had an issue with them slipping off or falling off before!   So check them out by clicking on the above link.

Yesterday was my beautiful niece Hannah's 4th birthday so I took a rest day and celebrated with her:
We tried out this new froyo place and it was amazing...It is called Sweet Frog and the kids loved it:
TONS of toppings

TONS of Flavors

TONS of cups

LOVE the decor!
They had all different flavors and any topping you could think of...I got the red velvet and cake batter swirl plus the Greek yogurt with honey and topped it with yummy fruit and pumpkin flax cereal!  Trying to keep it somewhat healthy!  Chase got the vanilla and chocolate with kitkats and fruit and Cam got mint with gummy worms...Blah!!

If you are local.. go check this place is located in Governor's Square II shopping center and I highly recommend it!

Today's workout was 7 miles on the Octane and 20 minutes on the stairmonster!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic 2013 so far!!

Happy Running!