Saturday, March 17, 2012

Speedy Saturday

I am working back to back weekends and I am not thrilled about it but I had to adjust my running plan and family time to balance it all out!  Today I got off of work at 8 a.m. and we had our lacrosse play day.  I had to jam in my 8 miles of speed work today also.  I was having some belly issues at work last night and just not feeling 100%.  After a few hours of sleep I felt much better.  I was able to head to the gym before work and did some intervals of speed.  I started out with a warm up mile @ 8:06 pace then I did 2 x 800 at 9.5...I realized after my 2nd 800 that today was definitely not a 800 kinda day.  So I adjusted my plan and did 4 x 400 at 9.3 - 9.5...I then switched it up again and did 1 minute sprint followed by 2 minutes recovery pace for the last 3 miles.  I ended with 8 miles in 57 minutes and was a big sweaty mess!

Gray always shows off all of my sweat!  After my run I foam rolled, put on my compression and iced before heading back into work!


Two of my good friends ran the DC R & R half marathon today and I cannot wait to hear all about it!!

What is your favorite stretch or post run routine?

Happy Running!

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