Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TRX Tuesday

Lately my TRX classes have been really kicking my rear!  I had to go to TRX after lacrosse practice today since I worked until 8 am and sleep was definitely much need!  I am use to taking this class with a bunch of highly motivated,  ready to work individuals and this group of nighttime TRXers was completely opposite!  I love the instructors and have worked with them for quite a while so they definitely push me and make me work hard but I am a little competitive and feed off of the energy of my a.m. class.  We did a lot of push-ups, planks, single leg exercises, and cardio burst intervals.  I still got an amazing workout but I really love the group dynamics and positive energy in my other class.  If you haven't tried TRX I highly recommend you do or even just check it out on YouTube!

Happy Running!

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