Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh my how time flies!!

On Wednesday I had a 10 mile step down tempo run scheduled.  It went like this

Mile 1 - 8:06

Mile 2 - 8:00

Mile 3 - 7:47

Mile  4 - 7:35

Mile 5 - 7:30

Mile 6-7 - 7:24

Mile 8 - 7:19

Mile 9 - 7:13

Mile 10 - 7:03

Overall this was a great run!  Everything felt right today!  I worked Wednesday night and only got a few hours of sleep on Thursday plus we had our 1st official lacrosse game of the season on Thursday afternoon.

We WON 17-5!!! The girls looked great and everything clicked with the team.  I wanted to squeeze in a few miles before heading back to work so off to the treadmill I went!  I was able to get in 4 miles in 28 minutes but the whole time my left peroneal tendon was throbbing!  I am very nervous and unsure why this is flaring up right now!  I went home and iced my ankle, took some ibuprofen and massaged my calf and ankle.  Now off to work I go.

Happy running!

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