Thursday, March 15, 2012

Past few days!

Thursday's workout: 7 miles at recovery pace followed by 3.5 miles coaching 10K relay group.  Since I had my LSD run yesterday I decided to take today's miles easy I kept the pace @ 7:53.  I felt pretty great but was starving during the run...My stomach was actually growling!  I didn't have a chance to grab anything between my run and the training group so when I got home I was super excited my hubby was grilling some homemade Gorgonzola Burgers.  Delish!  I usually am one of those people who always has a cliff bar, peanut butter or a piece of fruit in their car at all times but of course today I did not.  Lesson learned!

We gave the lacrosse team a Captain's Practice day because they had a half of day from school!  I had visions of them having a picnic and sun bathing rather than practicing lacrosse!  So since I had a few free hours this afternoon I went to Nordstrom's and did a little shopping.  I got a great pair of wedges and some much-needed dark nail polish for my black toenails!!

Branwen's Feather

Branwen's Feather is a great color for runner's and black/purple toenails!  I also had a gift card to JCrew (thanks Mom) so I went there and got a pair of HOT PINK shorts that I love.  I would show you the picture but I am working on my 6 pack abs to look like EMZ!

On Friday I had planned on doing 8 miles of speed work but I had a Chiropractor appointment that ran longer then I thought it would so I decided to take a rest day.  I always feel taller after my adjustments and relaxed so when my mom called and asked me to join her for lunch I did not hesitate to go!  I picked up my little man and we headed to CPK for a bite to eat.  I got my favorite salad again...

Massive and delicious...Caramalized peach salad!  After lunch I headed to practice to see how well the girls practiced on their own!  I have to say they did seem a little more confident with their cradles but still need to nail down the basics!  We have a huge lacrosse play day tomorrow so hopefully we do well!

What is your favorite nail polish?

Happy Running!




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