Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Racing...

This past weekend lit my summer racing spark and has made me excited to revamp my fitness routine!  We went to the beach on Friday for the Memorial Day weekend and I decided to sign up for the 20th Annual Masser 5 Miler on Sunday so Friday I did a quick speed session.... I started with a warm up mile @ 8:06 pace then I did 8 x 400 meter repeats for a total of 5.5 miles in 38 minutes.  I have said it a million times that I am not a fan of speed but would rather run for hours and miles on end so to make myself a better all around runner I have made a deal with myself to focus on shorter faster distances this summer! 

On Saturday my hubby was playing softball in Ocean City, MD so I ran from my parents beach place to the softball fields to support his team... My goodness was it windy!  It was about 4 miles from house to fields and it took me about 28 minutes to get there!  Northside Park is a great place for family fitness if you are ever in that area!  It is located on the bay side at 127th street and has a great playground and fitness area that my boys LOVED!  Plus there is a great running trail that has a .25/ .50/.75 loop around the complex! 

Sunday was the Seashore Striders kickoff to their summer racing series at the beach...The 20th Annual Masser 5 miler!   I had a bunch of friends running this race so I decided since I planned on running anyway on my own why not sign up and run with friends!!  I picked up Dawn and we headed to Cape Henelopen in Lewes.  We are use to bigger races and got there wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to early!  Beach racing is much more laid back!  I absolutely loved this race and course!  It was a single loop course with a small part of it on a gravel trail ( I love a trail ) and completely flat!  My Garmin was dead and I forgot my charger so I ran "naked" without my watch and just went off of feel.  I had no expectations or idea how I was going to do....But I was happy with my time and even chatted with a fellow runner about Disney races and marathon training for a mile or so.  That was a pretty good indication that I could push a lot harder! 

Post Race!
2nd in AG
I snagged 2nd in my age group with a time of 34:30 ... I was pleased but felt like I could have ran a lot harder! 

After the race it was time to head back out to the softball fields and cheer on the Titans Softball team!  And then celebrate my mom's birthday!!!  We went to dinner at Fins in Rehoboth and had an amazing dinner and even better brew! 
Real Men Wear Pink!!

Angel and Ginny decided to drive down Monday morning to race the 11th Highway One 5k race and pump and run...So once again I picked up Dawn and we laced up to race again!

 This event is hosted by Races2Run and was awesome!  It started at the Rusty Rudder in Dewey and ran an out and back course.  Since I fueled with some adult beverages the day before and forgot to eat breakfast ( oops ) I really didn't expect much!  It was great to see many of the same faces as Sunday's race back out to run again!  The first mile I just went at a comfortable pace and was still chatty...mile 1.5-ish we turned around an headed back toward the Rudder I passed Angel and she yelled out how many females were ahead of me so then my competitive side kicked in and I started to speed up a bit...I finished the race 4th overall female and 1st in my AG but once again felt like I could have pushed A LOT harder!  3.1 mile sin 21:01...Yup that :01 is killing me!!
Pint Glasses for prizes!
 So this is my goal for the next 2 months...Push harder on the races and learn how to pace! 

If anyone is from Delaware or is looking to race while here on vacation you must checkout Races2Run or the Seashore Striders websites out for some great races with even better post race parties!  What a great way to start the day then with a workout and a post workout refreshment before hitting the beach?!! 

Hope everyone is staying cool out there today!  HYDRATE!!

Happy Running!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Well this was suppose to post on Friday but........OOOPS!!!!!! So here you go...chosen by is:

Elite Ultra Light no show tabs in any color! Thanks!

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Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway! 

Happy Running!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Day To Enter Giveaway!!! And UNDER ARMOUR What's Beautiful..

Just a quick reminder for you to enter my FEETURES giveaway here!!

My workouts have kind of been all over the place this past week since I am not hitting any high mileage right now.  So here is what my last few workouts have looked like:
Saturday:  A quick 6.5 miles in 45 mins...I did not plan on running but had an hour of free time come up so I laced up and hit the TM!

Monday:  I planned on BodyPump but after working all weekend I was dragging my feet so I decided to run for an hour then do my own lifting!  My run was feeling awesome and I got lost in my thoughts and music...when I looked down I was at 10 miles!! So I ended with 10.2 miles in 80 minutes...then I worked on my back, legs, and abs for 45 minutes. 

Wednesday:  My own version of a brick workout ... My good buddy Josh randomly picked out a program for me on the Expresso bike and boy was it a doozey!!  I think it was 13.5 miles of straight incline!!  Then I ran 3.1 miles in just under 23 minutes.  Talk about sweaty! 
Retired Wave Riders now used for bike!
When I arrived home I was sooooooo excited to see this on my doorstep:
Under Armour!!!
Oh the excitment
I actually squealed when I saw this!!!  Under Armour is an amazing company and truly believes in helping people reach their goals.  I love the What's Beautiful 3.0 campaign and am excited to be a part of it!!!  I highly encourage you all to join this campaign and urge you to participate...Just click the above link to find out more information!  You too can be part of an amazing movement in a better you!

I plan to rock some of this amazing gear as I head into summer and tons of 5k races and beach runs!!
I LOVE the colors and brightness!  And my boys want to thank Under Armour too for this evenings entertainment:
BUBBLE WRAP is so cool!!

So lots of fun stuff happening over here in Delaware....Anyone racing this holiday weekend? 

Anyone heading to the beach or shore?

I am part of a sponsored campaign for the What's Beautiful program and I would love for you to join the campaign with me.. Click here!

Happy Running!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Birthday, End of Lacrosse, and FEETURES! Giveaway!!!!!!!!

Well.. Monday was special because it was my girls lacrosse team's last game of the season and MY BIRTHDAY!  I have to say I am so proud of this team and the efforts they gave throughout the season...Many of the players never ever picked up a lacrosse stick before coming into the season!  I look forward to the 2014 season and what these girls can do!  Many of them have expressed interest in conditioning and training in the off season so that makes me extremely happy!  My goalie went above and beyond and made these DELICIOUS cupcakes:
 What a better way to spend my birthday then with my favorite group of lax players... Too bad we did not win!  Oh well...still a blast!
 Then my amazing friend Lori sent me this text/instagram!!!  BEST EVER!!!!!!  This truly contains all of my favorite things!  Love ya Lori Jo!

FREE birthday Starbucks
 Also... enjoyed my FREE birthday Starbucks!  Then met my Mom, brother, boys and hubby for a Mexican Monday Birthday Bash!
Instagrammed @ DERUNNINGMOM
Love my family and friends!

I am currently not training for anything and I tend to get a little cray cray when I am left without a plan.  My next marathon is Marine Corp in October so the next 2 months I am thinking about focusing on speed and doing a few 5k's.  WHO AM I?!?!?!  After running the Delaware Marathon relay I realized to be the best runner I can be I have to do what scares me and makes me get out of my comfort zone.... and that is speedy short runs! 

So this past week workouts so far:
Monday:  Quick 3 birthday miles in 23:00...I also did BodyPump and made Angel join me!  Love this class and total body workout.
Tuesday:   The plan was to do Amy's spin class but she was not teaching today so Angel and I totally bailed and did our own cross training...sort of...I ran 3.1 miles in 22 mins then did 10 mins on the rowing machine ( no more pathetic back muscles over here ), then I did my regular back exercises.  Angel suggested we go run a lap (2.6 miles ) outside at the park so we did!
Today:  I did 8.65 miles in 67 mins and had to cut it short due to a dentist appt... was hoping for 10!

Ok enough of that now for the good stuff: 

It is not secret I am in LOVE with FEETURES! socks and have been training in them for over 4 years now!  I am so proud to be an ambassador for such a high quality, customer focused company.... SOOOOOO  the AMAZING people of FEETURES want to spread the love and offer one of my readers some socks and a super comfy T-Shirt!!!   


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Happy Running!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Delaware Marathon Relay

Ok so the thought of doing this race terrified me!!  I was worried... what if I let my team down, what if I am too slow, what if I suck???  I actually said I would rather run another 26.2 then 6.55 miles fast!  See... I have become very comfortable with the long slow distance and the shorter faster paces scare me to death!  Hmmmmmm.. maybe I need to work on that and what a better time of year and racing season to do it in then summertime!! 

I have never ran the Delaware Marathon, Half, or Relay....I totally have been missing out!  I did work the water stop last year with my running club which was AWESOME!!!  This event was a blast after I got over my fears...There is a 4 person and 8 person relay team event which is a great way to get out, be active and have fun!  Our team was Team Landon aka Goofy Runners and organized by Dave Landon ( wow truly took care of everything including GU, beverages and a tailgating tent! ).  The guys on my team were beyond fantastic and totally made me feel confident in myself.  I also got to hangout with all the Y runners, MAC runners, and my friends Christie and Jen!
 For the 4 person relay the first runner starts @ 7:05am and wears a ankle band...there is a transition area where runner 2 meets runner 1 and switches the band then runs their leg of the race and same with runners 3 & 4....Thank God I didn't have to worry about dropping the baton!!!  I was runner #3 so I had a little time to take care of business and socialize before my turn!

Well mile 1 was fun then miles 2-4 I thought I was going to puke!  Then my motor kicked in and I realized "oh ok I am almost done" ... I really think that I need to do a few more shorter faster runs and get use to the pace.  Thank you Dave, Michael and John for such a great Mother's Day morning! 
Yay US!!

I also got to see Jen totally kick asphalt, PR and BQ!!!  She literally just decided she was going to run a marathon right after Boston this year and boy she was determined to BQ!  Talk about a quick training plan...less than a month! 
Jen hauling rear to the finish
Look at that medal!!! 
I knew she would rock this race!!  This is a tough course and the marathon is a double loop ( not sure  if I would love or hate this ) with some pretty good hills/inclines!  Watch out Beantown...Delaware Blondes are coming your way!

Pink Fairy
Also got to see this guy...Pink Fairy..I have seen him in many marathons and this was his 10th Delaware Marathon! 

ANNNDDDD... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the amazing moms out there!!  I couldn't think of a better way to spend my day! 

The MOST FABULOUS MOM IN THE WORLD!  Mom..I love you more than words can explain!!  You always go above and beyond for everyone!  LOVE YOU!

Anyone else run Delaware today??

Happy Running!

Friday, May 10, 2013


The last 3 weeks have been a little crazy and full of fun...2 full marathons, tons of lacrosse ( practices and games ), my real job and of course mommy time with my 2 favorite little boys!  It has been very challenging to juggle it all but I wouldn't change a thing except for a little more sleep!  I really haven't talked much about the New Jersey Marathon but I promise to recap it next post but for right now I want to share my mail today:
 This melts my heart!  I am so honored and blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of women!!!  The outpour of love and support leading up to and immediately following Boston is something I can never truly express how grateful I am!

In Boston I had the chance to meet and run with a few of my awesome teammate:


In Wellesley the cheers and amazing signs made by teammates were incredible!!

Then in New Jersey I ran into Robin, Mary, Danielle ( still smiling and hearing your cheers...BEST EVER)  and Meggie!!! 

Meeting all these fellow birdies really sparked my excitement and got me thinking of all the fun we are going to have in the future!!!  Then to have such a package arrive today made me cry with joy!! 

I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU and big hugs and kisses to my Oiselle Family!  I will wear this shirt with such great pride and honor! 

I cannot wait to rock my Oiselle singlet this Sunday ( Mother's Day ) here in Delaware for the 4 person relay marathon!! 

Anyone else running the Delaware Marathon?  Relay, Half or Full ?

Hope to see some fellow Oiselle out there!

Happy Running!

Monday, May 6, 2013

How Mizuno Changed Me..

This time last year I was in a walking boot and battling with major bilateral foot injuries.  I was not able to run AT ALL for almost 10 weeks and was in a baddddddd place!!  Well this year is a different story and when I look back at my training log I notice two huge changes I made....

1.  Working with my PT friend and starting to correct all my imbalances that I ignored for too long!  I know this has been a complete game changer for me and I feel very blessed!  I also learned to listen to my body and back down when things get out of whack!

I totally made the switch back to Mizuno Wave Rider last May and am soooooo glad I did!  I ran Boston 2011 & 2012 in other sneaks and ended up out of running for a few weeks post Boston both years!  This year I not only felt amazing after I finished Boston ( minus my right toenail being ripped off at mile 24 )  but I was able to run the New Jersey Marathon this weekend and feel great today!  I truly believe when you have happy feet the rest of your body is happy too!   I cannot say enough about Mizuno and how amazing their shoes and products are!  My hubby actually ordered a pair of Mizuno turf shoes for softball and he wore them to his all day tournament...He said "my feet feel so amazing and these are the best shoe I have ever had"!!   LOVE hearing that he loves Mizuno as much as I do!!
Danny's new beauties!

Anyone race this weekend? 

Hope everyone enjoyed their Cinco De Mayo!!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ready for the Shore....

I am such a sucker and have no will power!!!!!!!!  Heading to the New Jersey Marathon to fist pump run one of the races!  Not sure which one yet but either the half or the full?!?!?!  Thanks Angel and Dawn for twisting my arm...

Anyone else heading to the Shore to race or cheer on Cinco De Mayo??

And a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my running wife Angel!!!  You are truly amazing and a I would be lost without ya!   This is your race to rock it and I cannot wait to cheer and hug you at the finish line.......we WILL have that celebratory beer or margarita on Sunday!

Happy Running!!!