Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Runday...

Today's workout: 10.3 miles in 73:46!

Yesterday's workout: 9 miles in 72 mins.

So yesterday I had planned on getting up early and run prior to my little guys 1st soccer game.  Well....that didn't happen!  My oldest son had his BFF sleepover so we were up late having fun and I was quite tired when my alarm went off and it was COLD and raining.  We went to the game and my little soccer star did so well.  He is very good at soccer and such great game sense all ready!

After the game I decided to head to the gym for a less than stellar treadmill run!  I normally don't have GI issue from eating before I run but today was awful!  I was running about 8:00 min/mile pace and doing a hill program on the TM but had to stop around 4 miles to take a potty break.  I just kept feeling like I was going to barf!  I hopped back on and trudged away for another 5 miles...the whole time staring at the mileage!

On top of the GI problems my peroneal tendons were not happy!  I followed the run up with some major rolling and stretching.

My oldest and I went to the mall for a little shopping then it was family time!

Today's run was spot on!  I ate my usual breakfast and had my cup of coffee then tied up my sneaks and out the door I went.  My first mile was an 8:03 after that I found my stride and I was off!  My average pace was a 7:09 min/mile and I felt like I could have kept going.  It is crazy what a difference a day makes!!  Let's hope and pray Boston goes as well!

How was your weekend?

Happy Running!


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