Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Me!

So after yesterday's failed attempt at 10 miles I decided to retry it again today!  I hydrated very well last night at work and even wore my compression socks!

I LOVE these socks and the way I feel after wearing them!  I tend to be on my feet a lot at work and my legs can feel very heavy and slow after working all night but if I wear my compression socks I feel 100% better at the end of my shift!  And I love the hot pink color.

So I decided to not push the pace too much on this run and really focus on the hills.  I started at an 8:10 pace and stayed there for 2 miles then increased to 8:06 for a mile.   I was running a hill program which was pretty tough with inclines from .6% to 3.2% and the duration of the hills varied also.  I increased the pace every mile also..mile 4 : 8:00, mile 5 : 7:53, mile 6 : 7:47, mile 7 : 7:35, mile 8 : 7:30, mile 9 : 7:24, mile 10 : 6:48.  This run was exactly what I NEEDED after yesterday's run. 

I have to shower quickly, stretch, grab my beloved coffee and head into my third midnight shift.  Life is good!

Happy Running!


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