Friday, September 28, 2012

Birthdays, Birthdays Everywhere!

Wow this week has been SO crazy!  Monday was Cam's 5th birthday and Tuesday was Chase's 8th birthday and my hubby got stuck working late so between football practice, celebrating and baking 50+ cupcakes from scratch I lost track of time! 

Tuesday's workout was a Tempo run of 7 miles in 49:23, average pace 7:03.  I felt great and right in the zone on this run.  We had a fun filled day of hanging out with my mom and brother and celebrating Chase's big day:
Since the older the kids get the more opinionated they become on their birthday present so I decided to let Chase pick out his gift....He chose these:
Sweet New Kicks

Love the orange soles!

My Skater!
I thought that was a pretty awesome gift until my brother gave Chase his gift:
New IPod Touch

Yup!  Best Uncle Ever!!

Wednesday I was having a pretty off/bad day!  I had a ton going on and was reaching my breaking point ... so I went out for a run.  I got to 6.5 miles in 48 mins and called it my "Stress Relief" run!  It helped but I needed a great girlfriend to get me back to reality.  It is amazing what exercise and a great chat will do for you!!  I had to work Wednesday night into Thursday and all these little babies wanted to be born so work went by pretty fast.

Thursday I did 11 miles in 1:26 @ 1% incline.  I did this run on the TM because it decided to get humid again here in Delaware.  Geez!  I felt great and it was going smoothly until the last 2 miles when my left hip flexor got a little tight.  It is shocking how quickly the body wants to compensate and adapt to the source of discomfort.  I followed my run up with my PT exercises and worked my hamstrings and back. 

At 8:55 pm I got a text from my girlfriend Alicia  ( who is 37 wks pregnant ) MY WATER JUST BROKE!!  Of course, this happens when I am not working and my hubby was working late!!  Little Mr. Mason decided to make his arrival on Sept. 28 @ 01:33 am...He is the cutest little man:

We were talking about running!
I am so happy for Rob, Alicia, Big Brother Aiden and Baby Mason...Being a mommy of 2 boys is so much fun and high energy.  Welcome to the gang little buddy!

So today after having a great PT session and getting put back in proper alignment I feel like a new person!   I have a few areas to improve in mobility but all in all is good.  I decided to take today off from running so I did the Expresso bike for 20 miles in 1:15 and it was full of hills. 

We have a weekend full of football, soccer, parties and a 20 miler!

What are your weekend plans?

Happy Running! 

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