Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Made in Back to Delaware!

I am very said to have to leave the West Coast but I was missing my boys and hubby BIG TIME!  I truly fell in love with California and Disneyland.  The weather was perfect, the food was amazing, the people were fantastic and the race was awesome!  I will do a full recap tomorrow but for now here are a few photos from the trip:
Best Thing Ever in Disney!
 I almost did a cartwheel when I saw that Disneyland has a Starbucks!!  I love going to Disney World and doing all the Disney races but may goodness do they have bad coffee there..So when I was Starbucks it was love at first sight!
Watching the World of Color Show
 I love that everything was new and different in Disneyland for me since this was my first time going...but I wish I could have had all my boys there with me too.  Next year they will be coming also for sure.
Right outside of our hotel!
 I went out for a 4 mile shakeout run on Friday and came across this lovely sign right outside of our hotel!  I loved not having to wake up 3 hours before the race started and didn't have to deal with transportation to the start of the race!  I literally woke up grabbed my coffee and out the door we went on race morning.

Mr. RunDisney Jeff Galloway
I love Jeff Galloway and his love for running and helping people reach their goals.  He is by far one of the most friendly person I have ever met.  We chatted for a bit about last January's Goofy's Challenge and how not to kill yourself running 20 miles in the sweltering heat and humidity!!  It was very hard for me to get the run/walk concept in my head until I walked a few of the water stops on my PR marathon and felt so much stronger and more efficient..So good job Mr. Galloway for helping me open my eyes/mind to this theory!

Well I will be back posting more tomorrow but for now I need to go snuggle my little boys before they go to sleep!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!

Happy Running!

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