Sunday, September 16, 2012

Football + Soccer + Long Run = Happy Me

Yesterday we started the day with Chase's football game @ 9 followed by Cam's soccer game @ 12.  I think I am more of a football mom than soccer mom... I have said it before but I LOVE to see my boys play their sports and watch the drive and determination they have.  Chase's team is doing amazing and they are undefeated!  He really plays his heart out and football seems to be his passion:
I got it from my momma!!
 After his game we hustled through the trails and switched to soccer mode:
All that!
I am definitely my boys biggest cheerleader!

Next weekend we are doing the Delaware Mudrun so I am the tshirt maker for the team and figured I should probably start making the shirts.  What a pain in the a&$!!  Midway through the process my iron broke...Seriously!  And I ran out of glitter letters and my hubby had to hand make the letters.  But all in all they turned out pretty good for shirts we will be throwing in the trash when finished:
Today's run was awesome, the weather was perfect and I was in good company.

15 miles in 1:55 and feeling good!
A lot of our friends are running the Philadelphia Rock & Roll half today and what a perfect day to run...I kind of wish I would have signed up to do this race but I needed a weekend to just stay home a get stuff done.  Great job to Dathan Ritzenhein who finished 3rd in the race in 1:00:56 with average pace of 4:39...AMAZING!!

Congrats Lori, Michelle, Sandra, and Donna!!!
Lori and Michelle
Did anyone else run Philly R&R?

Soccer or Football?

Happy Running!

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