Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Parties, Long runs and Rock Climbing!

Saturday we started the day bright and early with soccer and football games:
Then it was birthday party time at our house!  The boys both love Phineas and Ferb so they wanted a Perry the Platypus cake:
We had such a great time with our awesome family and friends...The boys got a ton of new toys and gift cards they cannot wait to use!  And a huge thank you to my mom for making a ton of food and my dear friend Lauren for making the most amazing cupcakes ( red velvet and pumpkin spice with cinnamon icing ) and cookies:

Thank you EVERYONE for coming and sharing in our boys special day!!

Sunday was a early morning long run with Angel.  This was an epic run and exactly what I needed to boost my confidence!  Angel mapped out a 20 mile loop and planted water every 6 miles so we didn't have to worry about looping back for water.  The weather was perfect and a little on the chilly side.  I had been thinking a lot about my long runs and how I can improve my sustained energy.  I tend to go "balls to the wall" from the start and struggle the last few miles.  So my goal for this run was to pace better and feel like I could keep going at the end.  BINGO!  That is exactly what happened.  The miles flew by and I felt light and bouncy the whole time.  We made a pit stop at mile 6-7 and had a run in with a dog around mile 10-11 but all in all this was a great run...We laughed, we cried, we ran, we conquered!!!  I tend to not use gels/GU's or any source of calories on my long runs and after reading the info on Glycogen Depletion I am liking the way my body responds to this.  It worked for Meb!!
View from the Banjo Loop!

After running it was time to head to Chase's Rock Climbing party.  We went to the Delaware Rock Gym and the boys had a great time!  I think this would be a great date night for the hubby and I and we may have to do this soon:

I had to work Sunday and Monday night shifts and after such a busy weekend this was a struggle!  I was able to fit in a quick Kettle bell/ free weights workout with my hubby on Monday which looked like this:

10-10-10 x 5 Kettle bell swings/shoulder work (150 total reps)
20 burpees
Bicep Pyramid alternating regular and hammer curls.  1 reg/2 hammer/3 reg/ 4 hammer/5 reg/ 6 hammer/ 7 reg/ 8 hammer/ 9 reg/ 10 hammer then back down to 1.  This is killer!
20 burpees
Triceps cable work:  15 reps regular grip push downs/15 reverse grip x 3 ( 90 total reps )
20 box jumps
35 squats with 45# kettle bell
20 mountain climbers
20 single leg lunges
20 burpees
30 Swiss ball abs
10 reps x 4 grips for back rows.

Sweat fest and shaky arms!!

Any one else run long this weekend?

Happy Running!

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