Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Disneyland Recap Part 1: Expo

We arrived in California and checked into the Disneyland Hotel on Thursday.
Checking in!
I love the 3 hour time difference for heading out to the West Coast!  We spend the entire day and night in the parks.  Friday was the first day of the Expo which opened at 12pm...the Expo was located right in our hotel so we got there around 11:45 and there was already a line to get in.  I am not kidding when I say it was like Black Friday shopping when the doors opened!!  Disney Half marathon merchandise was flying off the racks..I have participated in RunDisney events in Disney World and there is always plenty of apparel and gear there but here the inventory is smaller I am assuming.  I picked up a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a polo shirt for my hubby and a pin for my boys. 
As the doors open!
I had a few vendor booths I wanted to check out on my list:  KT tape, Nuun, iFitness, Team Sparkle, and Running Skirts.  I went straight to the KT tape booth and there was about a 15-20 minute wait to get tape so I hung out with my dad, brother and his girlfriend while we waited.  I wanted to get my tendon taped because it was a little tender so I picked the neon green tape:
I have used KT tape for about the past 4 years and absolutely love this stuff!  So many people caught on to it's greatest and by 4 pm the line was about 1.5 wait to get taped! This is what the table looked like on Friday:
Right across from the KT tape was Team Sparkle so I stopped in to say Hi!!  These girls were so amazing and friendly...And I love there outfits!!
I am already planning my outfit for my Goofy's Challenge!  I picked up a super cute skirt and cannot wait until January. 

Next stop was Nuun :
I love the Strawberry Lemonade flavor and with how hot and humid it is on the East Coast I definitely needed some of these to help me rehydrate back home.

I forgot to grab pictures from the Running Skirts booth but these women are so fabulous also!  I really wish our local running store would start to carry there products!!  I may just have to go beg them to consider carrying Running Skirts gear!  I also got to meet Sandy from BIC bands...and I picked up a few more bands! 

Picking up my bib!
My brothers 1st 5K!!
 I forgot to sign up to do the 5k and after seeing my brother get his bib and how excited he was I was sad I was going to miss out...Dang it!  Definitely doing both next time.  After we hung out at the expo and chatted with Jeff Galloway we then went back out to the parks and had a magical time!

Next post will cover the 5k and half marathon recap!  Yay.

Do you use/love any of the products from above?

Happy Running!


  1. I am totally addicted to Nuun... I live in the south where it's SUPER humid as well and maybe its just in my head but I feel like it makes a big difference in staying hydrated.

    And I would love running a Disney race! Definitely on my to do list someday :) Cute blog!

    1. Thank You!! I highly recommend doing a Disney race! I agree about the Nuun..What is your favorite flavor?!