Friday, September 14, 2012


Yesterday was an active rest day filled with tons of fun.   I am the gym teachers helper for my little guys preschool class!  This is quite comical...yesterday was their first official gym class and Mrs. Smith did a great job with orienting them to the gym.  I quickly realized I am too nice to be stern with these cute little people!  I had tears in my eyes because it so precious to watch them try to gallop, skip and run in a straight line.  After gym class I met my adorable friend Michelle for lunch...She is about 34 weeks pregnant with her first baby and is doing a fantastic job with the pregnancy.   She is such an amazing friend/person and always has a positive outlook...Love her! 

I had to work last night also and got off at 7:30 is my day to register for the Boston Marathon 2013.  Luckily my hubby said he would make sure he signed me up right @ 10 am but I still set my alarm for 9:55 to make sure he was on it...Type A?? I think so!  When I saw this I finally could relax:

Today was a tempo run day for me but before I started I definitely needed this:
Must have caffeine
I started my run with the first mile @ 8:06 then I settled in and held my paces in the low to mid 7's....I did a total of 10.25 miles in 74 minutes flat!  This run was exactly what I needed today,  especially after my lazy rest day and working all night. 

The boys wanted to have a Friday Pizza Night so we tried out a place on main street called Peace of Pizza.

Veggie Pizza
We had a great view of all the college kids hanging out on Friday night and the boys asking lots of questions about college life!! I am so NOT ready for that part of their lives ANY time soon ( thank goodness they are only 7 & 4).  The pizza was so full of veggies and freshly made.  They had a ton of different types of pizza but my boys went with the plain cheese. 

I wanted to wish all my runner friends BEST of LUCK this weekend running in the Philadelphia Rock n Roll half marathon!!!  They are all going to rock that city!

Anyone else running Philly?

Who else is going to Boston 2013??

Happy Running!

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