Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swimming, Tshirts, and More...

Today was a cross training day so I swam 3060 yards in 1 hour 25 minutes at the YMCA pool.  I really enjoy my swimming days but man today the pool was HOT!  I did 54 laps before Angel came and joined me then we did a ladder  workout of 200 meters/30 seconds rest, 300 meters/30 seconds rest,  400 meters/30 seconds rest, then repeat.  This was fun!  After swimming I was on a mission to find stuff to make our t-shirts for our team for the up coming Delaware Mudrun.  This is what I ended up with so far:
I will post the finished product once I am done with arts and crafts.  While at the store I picked up some things for dinner since I am still craving the buffalo spice flavor of yesterday's Wholefoods trip, I decided to try out buffalo chicken recipe in the crock pot.  Literally all you do is put in the chicken, the buffalo sauce and a packet of ranch dressing mix and let it cook.  It was quite tasty and went nicely with our Dogfish Head  Punkin Ale!
And for dessert we made rice crispy treats but instead of butter I used coconut oil and they are kid tasted and approved!
yes I bought the cheap version

Do you use coconut oil?

Happy Running!

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