Friday, September 21, 2012

18 miles of Trail Running...

Today I did my long slow distance run since I will be getting down and dirty at the Delaware Mudrun on Sunday.  Angel joined me on this Running Adventure today...We drove over to Lums Pond State Park around 7:30 am and it was chilly!! There are some amazing trails over here and we wanted to get off the roads and give our hips/legs a break from all the pavement.  Well, trail running is definitely a whole different animal!!  I am in love with it and my legs are thanking me.   We ran through the woods, over tree trunks, leaped over puddles, dodged massive spiderwebs and even pretended to be children of the corn.  I decided to wear my Salomon trail shoes and am so glad I did.  They have a firmer sole and amazing arch support as well as super bright colors:

Sign of a great trail run!
 After we completed the first loop with a little short cut (our shoes were soaking wet and you could even hear the squishing sound every time our feet struck the ground) we went back to the car to change shoes.  Luckily I had like 4 pair of extra socks in the car and extra running clothes  so we changed and were back on our way.  Unfortunately, Angel was working on a blister since mile 2!  We mixed it up a little and ran on some roads and through my neighborhood ( which to me is soooooo boring ) then looped back onto the trails for the final 4 miles!  Like I said before this was a running adventure today.   To me this was MUCH tougher then regular road running and I loved every second of it.  Total time was 18 miles in 2:24 and I am very proud of both Angel and I for not having one single fall!
Wood Carving

This is quite the view!

Angel working the incline
I was very glad to see my car at the end and to refuel with my Premier Protein Chocolate shake and Angel had the vanilla.
yes this was heaven to see! Xo
If you trail run what kind of shoes do you wear??

Doing the Delaware Mudrun this Sunday??

Happy Running!

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