Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fogo De Chao...

Yesterday I took a rest day and really enjoyed every second of it!  I usually get a little anxious if I don't get out and move around but yesterday I was quite happy being a bum.

Today we had early lacrosse practice then my brother, his friend and I we to the amazing restaurant called Fogo De Chao!  Oh my goodness...If you every get the chance to go here I highly recommend it! But go hungry because there is a ton of food!

All the different meats the continuously bring around to your table!  And they also have a pretty delicious salad bar with tons of meats and cheeses as well.

Biggest mozzarella balls I have ever seen!

Everything was so yummy and the service was exceptional.  We took a quick tour of South Philadelphia then headed home stuffed.

I decided to squeeze in an 7 mile run this evening and was a little nervous doing this after eating all that food!  But shockingly all went well...I did 7.5 miles in 57 minutes with lots of decline and hills!

Today we got an email from our hotel in Boston stating that they are offering free breakfast to runners on race day and complimentary ice baths after the race!!!!!!!  I feel in love with this place before I have even stayed there!  I cannot wait to head to Boston!

Happy Running!


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