Saturday, April 7, 2012

The week that was...

Monday: Rest Day ( few drills at lacrosse practice but no REAL working out )

Tuesday: 10 miles/ 75 minutes....Out and about through town before our lacrosse game.  This run worked out perfectly.  We had a lacrosse game where I normally run so I squeezed it in before the game and met my team at the school.  So glad I ran before the game because it was a very frustrating game and my girls crumbled!

Wednesday: 70 minutes on the stair monster!  This machine and I have a total love/hate relationship!  I know it is great for me but man it is hard and I sweat sooooooo much!

Thursday:  5.2 miles/ 36:34min....Thanks to Angel I was able to sneak in a few miles outside at the park while my boys and he little one played on the playground!  My boys started spring break yesterday so they are full of energy and excitement!  We had another lacrosse game down by me today so I was able to meet them there again!  We won and the girls looked much better.  After the game I ran 3 more miles in 22 minutes before coaching the 10K running group.  I set the pace for the front of the group and stayed there for the run which was 4 miles in 33:37 minutes.  Grand total of 12.2 miles for the day!

Friday:  Chiropractor appointment and retail therapy!

Hope everyone had a great week!

Happy Running!

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