Saturday, April 14, 2012

Top of the Hub and Mike's Pastry

So Saturday night we meet two friends who live in Boston for drinks at " the Top of the Hub".  This place was breath-taking! I forgot my camera to capture these amazing views.  It is located on the top floor of the Prudential Center and has all glass windows so the views are spectacular.  I hydrated with water while everyone else enjoyed more festive drinks.  We then hopped in a cab ( crazy drivers ) and made our way over to the North End for dinner at Strega!  This restaurant was delicious but PACKED!  Our friend had made reservations months in advance and I would suggest doing the same if you decide to go there while in Boston.  I love the Italian culture and our waiter was very Italian...After our meal he brought out shots of Strega which I said cheers with but could not drink.  Mike's Famous Pastry is only a few steps down the street so of course we has to stop and get a few!  The line to Mike's was wrapped around the block but their policy is no single file lines so we walked right up and in and within 3 minutes our pastry and cannoli's we wrapped and ready for us to go!  I got my favorite peanut butter cannoli, my hubby got a frangelico cannoli, and an extra chocolate dipped chocolate chip!  We enjoyed them back at the Lenox with coffee and night caps.

So sad I forgot my camera.

Happy Running!

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