Friday, April 13, 2012

Boston Expo and Free Swag!

We arrived in Boston safe and sound.  It took us about 6-7 hours to get to the Doubletree Hotel.  Once we checked in they gave us WARM chocolate chip cookies!

After we dropped off our luggage we headed over to grab a bite to eat by the expo location.  We went to Jerry Remy's and sat outside with an amazing view of the Harbor!

The food was very good and I really liked the atmosphere.  This restaurant is perfect for the sporty person because they had a ton of different TV's with the games on!  We sat next to a few other runners and talked for a little while before we walked down the street to the Seaport World Trade Center.  The expo was super easy to get to and not over crowded at all.  Last year we came on a Saturday and it was jam-packed.

Picking up my packet and race number was very quick.  There was no line and I walked right up to this very friendly lady who was so sweet!  We then went in and checked out all the merchandise!

I love a Boston accent!

My hubby found this super soft and comfy shirt at the North Face booth!

My bib, t-shirt and some free swag!!  I love the little packets of rice and peanut butter that were in my race bag!  After we checked out a few vendors we went to "heaven" and I had my gait analyzed by a little Angel!  The Brooks Pure line had a very cute set up with a harp player, little angels all around and you could get you gait analyzed then have you picture taken with Gandhi wearing Brooks!

I decided to have my gait checked out since I have never had it done before!  They had me run barefoot on the treadmill at a 5.5 mph pace and recorded my stride.  They then set it up on a screen in front of me and did measurements of my stride and where my stride should be. The Angel told me I have a "near perfect stride".  Really...Go figure!

I found my Christmas present!!!!  I fell in love with this treadmill and I cannot wait until they start selling it!

We tried a few different samples of new products then headed back to our hotel for a good night rest!

So excited to be in Boston!

Happy Running!

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