Monday, April 16, 2012

Boston Marathon 2012 - Part 1

My alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. and  I was ready to get the show on the road!  As I opened my door I was greeted by my two AMAZING friends and the Rocky theme song blasting!!  This made me laugh so hard I cried.  The hotel offered breakfast for runners and had quite a nice selection!  I had two cups of coffee, toasted a bagel and grabbed a banana then we walked to the start!  The bus pickup area was only about 3/4 of a mile from the Lenox and we laughed the whole way there.

Team Stacey Black!!

My ride to Hopkinton.  I sat next to an extremely friendly lady who matched my BRIGHT neon yellow shirt and hot pink socks.  We chatted the whole way and arrived with about 1 hour 30 mins until the start.  I hopped in line at the first set of port-a-potties and then walked into the Athletes' Village.

They had music playing, plenty of port-a-potties, tents set up for shade, waters, Gatorade and powerbar products.  I met two fellow runners from Delaware and we talked game plans.  It was my waves time to walk to the start so I checked my bag at the bus and headed out.  There was a huge backup of people and I had to force my way around 100's of wave 3 people.  I was getting super frustrated and ended up running to make the last half of my corral...on the way my Garmin decided to die.  This ended up being a true blessing!  Apparently my hubby placed it on the charger but it wasn't on properly so the battery ran all night long.  This was the start of Boston 2012!

Happy Running!

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