Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday at Samuel Adams and Doyle's

Our two AMAZING friend flew into Boston today and we met them bright and early at the Brewery!!  Only in Boston baby!  We read that the tours fill up fast so we decided to get there for the 1st tour of the day at 10 a.m.

This tour was really fun!  We went through and learned all about the different ingredients, steps and phases it take to make a Samuel Adams Brew!  We also learned about "dry hopping" and yes it is a real term!  I seriously could not hold back my laughter!

After the tour we went into the "tasting room" where we sampled 3 different beers and we each got our own little glass to keep!  Good time!

One of the beers was the special limited 26.2 Brew!

My friend came up the slogan "hydrates while intoxicates" which was a hit at the brewery!  After we finished our sampling we loaded the trolley to Doyle's which is the first bar in Boston to have served Samuel Adams when all the other bars turned the product down in 1985!!  This trolley was the place to be!  Talk about a party mobile...the disco ball was going, the music was bumping and everyone was singing and having a blast!  The trolley runs ever 10-15 minutes from the brewery to Doyle's and back.  We all enjoyed a delicious meal and all tried a few more brews!

I went with the Chocolate Bock mixed with the Cherry Wheat.  Oh my this was tasty!

The Doyle's fist pump!!

After we ate went loaded back onto the trolley then went to the Lenox Hotel to check in.  This hotel is gorgeous and prime location!  It is located right on the corner of Boylston and extremely close to the finish line!  We had a little mix up with our room and they upgraded us to the Paul Revere suite!  Check out the view from our window!

Front view.

Side view!! Does it get any better??

The hotel and New Balance definitely have a connection!  Our room keys were even New Balance sponsored!  I have to say this definitely caught my eye and I had to walk down and check out the New Balance store!  They gave away game pieces where you could win a variety of prizes...I recieved 10% off woot woot!  I did purchase a wicked cool t-shirt!  Upon walking out of the store I was greeted by my friend dressed up in the New Balance Sneaker costume cheering " Go Stacey " !!  I am so blessed to have such amazing friends in my life and to have them here with me to share this experience!

Even the employees at New Balance loved the humor we provided!

Priceless memories are being made in this town!

Happy Running!

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