Thursday, October 11, 2012

Marathon training and Vacation

Monday was a rest day for me considering I got off work at 8 am and had to finalize packing and making sure we had everything we need.  We picked the boys up from school at 1 pm and headed to BWI airport for our flight.  We decided to fly down a day early and stay at Pop Century hotel for the night and start fresh and early on Tuesday morning!  The boys were so excited and absolutely love Disney. 
Poppop and boys
Tuesday we moved hotels over to the Bay Lake Towers dropped off our luggage then went straight to the Magic Kingdom!
I love Disney this time of year

We did a ton of rides with the boys, had dinner at the Crystal Palace then went back to the hotel.  Chase did his homework while I snuck in a quick 5 miler then we all went to the pool.
Space Mountain in the background!
I am in the final weeks of marathon training before my taper starts and still need to get my runs in.  Disney's Deluxe resorts all have very nice fitness centers as well as multiple places outside to run.  The weather is pretty awesome here right now so I will hopefully get some of my shorter runs done outside.  So to time manage and still fit in my runs without taking away from family time I make sure to get up early and get my runs in or do them while boys are resting!

Wednesday we started the day off by shipping the boys off on a Pirate Adventure Cruise!  They were so excited and love it!!  The hubby and I got to spend 2 hours kid free together! Woohoo!
Ahoy Pirates!
Pirate or Gangsta??
What a fun time!!  Afterwards we went to Epcot and enjoyed the Food and Wine Festival and had lunch at Via Napoli...Holy Yum!
Via Napoli
Grapefruit Beer from Germany!
This is my new all time favorite beer: Schofferhofer Grapefruit!!!!!!

Do you train/workout on vacation?

Happy Running!

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