Monday, October 22, 2012

M.I.A....Fallapalooza and a Long Run

Ahh I cannot believe it has been so long since my last post!  It has been hard around here since returning back to reality from Disney!  I got sick the day we returned and battled it for 4 days and finally just started to feel like myself yesterday.  I also worked the entire weekend and fit in our Annual Fallapalooza and a 22 mile run.

Now to back track a little:  We had an amazing time in Disney and could not have asked for better weather.  We loved the Halloween Parties and ended up with a ton of "good" candy!  We let the boys spend a good amount of time at the pool and enjoy the sunny Florida weather.  The boys were sad to come home but the got right back into the swing of things. 

love my ghost pirates
Dance party!!

My runs suffered because of being sick but I was able to make up my miles this weekend:

I did a 10.2 mile tempo run in 76 minutes and it was just a great steady run!
My speed work day was 10 x 400 meter with a 400 meter RI between.  This was HARD.  I did 7 miles in 50 minutes and was sopping with sweat when done!  The man next to me told me "You are too fast for me"  he actually switched TM because I was making him run too fast...WTH?!?!
My long run this weekend was 22 miles.  I ran my 22 down through Middletown and never looked at my watch.  I planted water at my Uncle's house @ mile 6 and mile 15.  I had 1 pit stop to go potty and kept my watch running.  There is one place on the run where the road slants so bad......A few curse words slipped out on this road.  I am very pleased with this run !!
Lots of foam rolling and PRO Compression and ice after this run!!  I had to work my final midnight shift of this stretch and and definitely wearing my compression socks to work! 

We also had our Annual Fallapalooza with our dear friends!  We have a lot of boys in the gang with I believe 8 so far and 1 little girl and 2 babies still waiting to be born!!  We had great fall food, candy hunt, pumpkin carving and a bonfire! 
How Cute is She?!?!
A Few of the Boys!




Best Friends!

Love this pic!!!
Just a few pics from the fun!   We love our friends and cherish all the great times we have with them!

What are you being for Halloween?!

Happy Running!

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