Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recovery and Speed Work!

I decided to take Monday off for a recovery day and rest my legs and body after the 22 mile run on Sunday.  We had an amazing dinner with my parents and brother for my Dad's birthday!!  My dad's birthday was on Sunday and he and my mom were at the beach for the weekend, the boys had another birthday party and I had to work so we decided to celebrate on Monday.  My dad chose Kenny's Pan Asian for dinner which is our favorite place for sushi.  Good times!!

Tuesday I was going to do my speed work but my legs/knees were still a little sore from my run and I thought I needed the extra day of I swam 1650 yards in 32 minutes then met Angel and did 25 minutes on the expresso bike, 22 minutes on the stairmonster, and some kettle bell work!  I am loving the kettle bells and using them properly has made a difference in my training.  After all this I got to go snuggle with Baby Mason who is 3 weeks old and soooooooo cute and play with Jordan and Aiden who are both 2 years old and adorable!!  Thank you Kim for feeding me after my workout. 

Today's workout was my speed work session!!  I started with a 2.6 mile warm up outside at the park which was absolutely beautiful.  Then I hit the TM for my speed intervals...8 x 800 meter repeats with 90 seconds of recovery in between.   I was worried because I am on the fence with needing new sneaks and was afraid my feet would feel the pain of this speed.  But all was good.. I finished with 9.5 miles in 72 minutes ( including the warm up ) then moved over to run next to Angel while she finished her last 3 repeats and I did my cool down mile.  Glad this one is over and I am learning to not hate speed work so much.  I planned on lifting after my run and did a few triceps, bicep and leg work until my muscles locked up and I couldn't straighten my arm!!  WHAT THE!  This is a sign I needed to be done. 

Now time to refuel with some amazing homemade chili and sweet potatoes with coconut oil and raw honey!!  Thanks Kim for getting me hooked on Chili!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall day.

Happy Running!

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