Friday, October 5, 2012

Speedwork, Procrastination, and Getting it Done!

Yesterday was my "speedwork" day and I have to confess that I would rather run for 20+ miles at a steady pace rather than run really fast for 800 meters!!!  This is a hurdle that I have to overcome to get to my goal.  My plan called for 3 sets of 2 x 1200 meter repeats with a 2 min recovery interval between repeats.  Ugh...I literally procrastinated ALL day long.  First, I had to help with my little guys preschool gym class then I was hungry so I ran home for some lunch then I started to watch my DVR'd shows and digest my lunch.  Oops, then I fell asleep for a quick nap!!  Who am I ?!?  I usually cannot wait to lace up and hit the road/TM but this workload scared me!  After running a few errands it was time to get the boys from school:
Laced up and ready to go
So finally I made it to the Y and started this session...Warm up pace for 10 mins then started the 1200 meter repeats @ 4:33 - 4:39 pace with recovery pace 7:24 - 7:41...Total miles: 8.20 in 59 mins.  I was so glad to be done this run and was happy with overall workout.  I followed up with my PT stretches then my little guy, my brother and I went Halloween costume shopping.

Today was a recovery day so I decided to hit up the Expresso bike for a quick sweat fest!  My goodness I left a puddle on the floor with this ride.  15 miles in 50 minutes followed by some kettle bell work. 

I am working the next 3 nights and have a ton of things to get done before Monday!  Plus I have to squeeze in an 18 mile run!

Best of Luck to everyone racing this weekend.  Chicago, Twin Cities, Long Beach, San Jose and any other races out there!!

Happy Running!

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