Friday, October 26, 2012

Highlights, Happy Feet, and Halloween

I finally went and had my hair done and feel like a whole new person!  My hair gets very light in the summer and I was looking a little bleached with roots galore.:
Going darker for the Fall/Winter
 I love the way my hair dresser does my hair and how straight she gets it but then I try and re-do it and it never ever looks as good!  She has the magic touch!!

Thursday is my Pre-school Gym Aide day and I love that I can spend time helping my little mans class.  There is something so special about these little kids and how proud they get when they succeed! 

After gym I decided to go to the Y and ride the Expresso bike and wow did I pick a hilly course!  I did 13.3 miles of killer hills in 50 minutes and did my PT stuff after with the kettle bells.  Another reason I decided not to run was because I needed to go pick up these:
I am rocking my favorite Oiselle T-shirt and LOVE it!!  I had to pick up my new Mizuno Wave Rider 15's...I was trying to hold out for the 16's but my feet/hips/knees had different plans!  I absolutely love DE Running Company and how knowledgeable they are in there.  If you are local and need new sneaks definitely go there!

Today's run was a quick tempo run...I nailed 9 miles in 67 minutes and felt pretty darn great.  I love the feeling of new shoes and how happy my feet are!  I also had my PT session today and feel like a whole new runner after leaving!  My hip flexor got a little irritated after my 22 miler on Sunday so I needed a little help with that.  I am getting super excited for the Anthem Richmond Marathon and I will be able to add Va to my list of marathons! 

We have a super spooky Haunted Halloween Party to go to tonight so I gotta run to paint some faces!!

Anyone else running Richmond?

Any Halloween parties this weekend?

Happy Running!

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