Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Podiatrist and PT

I had my follow-up visit with the podiatrist and they did a gait study while I ran.  I am still having trouble with the neuroma on my right foot and it was not happy today.  Apparently I have a leg length discrepancy ( which I already knew ) that is pretty significant and which is probably causing a majority of my issues.  They recommend a slight heel lift and continue working in PT to strengthen my core and left side.  They doctor also said that because of my knee laceration I have been compensating on my right side with the way I run and walk.  The doctor is optimistic I will recover quickly as long as I do not over do it.  I am the worst patient ever!!

I had PT right after my appointment and spilled my emotions to my therapist.  I got a ton of laser and stim to help with the neuroma.

I also did a ton of core work and lower leg massage and stretching!

After PT I needed to burn off some energy and was allowed to bike.  So I did 18.2 miles on the expresso bike and felt so much more at ease when I was finished.

Anyone ever have a neuroma?

Happy Running!

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