Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unhappy feet!

Tuesday I ran 4 miles at an 8:00 mile pace with 1% incline.  I stopped after 4 because my feet just did not feel right.  I did a few biceps and triceps then called it a day.  I had a Podiatrist appointment this afternoon which with the way I was feeling was perfect timing.  I hobbled into the office and felt like I was being stabbed in the top of my right foot! I meet with Dr. Paskey and loved her!  She took all kinds of measurements and watched me walk, run and stand.  She pressed on every single inch of my feet and ankles.  She also did a tuning fork test to rule out stress fractures...Thank god this was negative!   She also looked at my x-rays and bone scan and obtained another set of x-rays since the pain in my right foot was a new thing.

So after an hour and a half of hands on assessment and talking, I have Peroneal Tendonitis of my left foot ( which I already knew ) and a Neuroma/ Metatarsalgia of my right foot.  I also learned that I supinate when I run which is putting pressure on my tendons!  I left the doctors feeling so much more reassured knowing for sure that what I have and a plan of action to correct it.  I will be taking an anti-inflammatory med for a few days, following the anti-inflammatory diet, strength training, stretching, icing, and starting PT!  I use to think PT was awful but I am a firm believer if you have the right therapist it can benefit you greatly.  The Dr also suggested not running more than 30 miles a week and start back with run/walk and water running!!  Oh no this is the part that sucks!  I need to feel the "burn" of working out and I just hope that by doing this I can still get a great workout.

So until I am back to my long runner self I will be focusing on my imbalances and improving them so I can come back a stronger runner!

Happy Running!

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  1. Sorry about your injury :( I know how it feels not to be able to run like you were. Its no fun at all! But PT has been helping me a lot so maybe it will be good for you too. Get healthy soon!