Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tabata workout and Happy Nurse's Day!!

So I am still sore from my friday workout.  I was asked to help "push" one of my friends training clients by doing a Tabata workout with him.  I warmed up on the stairmonster for 15 minutes at an intense pace then it was game on.

The workout consisted of 5 moves in a 20:10 seconds ratio (20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest) x 8 reps per move.  I have great lower body strength but my upper body def needs some work!  We started with inverted pull ups...Wow these got to be hard by the 5 set.  It is only 20 seconds of work but 8 sets is killer.  We then moved on to squats...bottoms had to hit a medicine ball for rep to count.  Then we did this point my whole body was shaking and I could barely get 6 push-ups per 20 seconds.  Then we did sit ups ( full sit ups hands touching shins/ankles to count).  I cannot for the love of god remember the 5th move!  I think I mentally blocked it out!  Well I have to say this was HARD!!!!!!!!!!  it was only about 25 minutes of work but it was all hard heart rate raising work.  I finished up with another 20 minutes on the stairs and left the gym a sweaty shaky mess.  I couldn't get over how depleted I felt after this workout but in a good way.  My muscles were still shaking 2 hours later and I was starving at this point.  I fueled right after the workout with a protein shake too.

It is now sunday and I still feel like I just ran a marathon.  I will definitely be incorporating more of these types of workouts into my training.  On of my biggest obstacles is giving up mu "running time" to lift weights but this workout was only 25 minutes long and HARD!

I worked this weekend and we got SUPERMOONED last night at work!  We had a baby boom and were crazy busy.  My cute parents stopped by to give me a nurse's day gift:

I love this card!  And an emergency chocolate bar...In the box is a ton of fruit slices candy which are my favorite!!!!

Happy Nurse's Day and Happy Running!

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