Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week of Cycling...

This week has been tough!  I was making progress with my feet/injuries then had a flare up again so to keep myself from going crazy I have learned to love the bike.  A "tri" friend of mine told me "You can ride yourself to a better run but you cannot run yourself to a better ride".  I really did not understand the meaning of this at first but now I am starting to get it.  So my rides this week were:

Tuesday: 18.2 hilly miles

Wednesday: 11.5 miles with 40% grade incline of hills...Followed up with Tony's WOD 21, 15, 9 sets timed with no rest in between sets.  Front squats with bar, burpees, and kettlebell swings..then a Row Complex 1000 meters:rest 3 min, 750 m:rest 2 min, 500m:rest 1:30, 250 meters= DONE!!!!!!

Thursday: 10 minutes of sprints on the Stairmonster and 13.5 hilly miles

Friday: 11 "gut busting" miles that left me speechless and sweaty..Angel joined me half way through this ride so I did another 4.5 hilly miles.  We also did a circuit of 50:10 x 5 set, 2 exercises x 2..tons of upper body and core.

Saturday: 20 mile ride with lots and lots of hills!  Followed by core work 5 exercises x 2 sets.

All I can say is Please Let Me Run Soon!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Happy Running!

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