Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Images my be graphic in this post!

Today I ran 6 progression miles and I am trying to ease back into running after taking almost 4 weeks off recovering.  I started at an 8:19 pace and ended at 7:13.  I felt pretty good but was paying close attention to my body.  I have to remind myself that I cannot go "balls to the wall" just yet!

We had our final lacrosse game today which is sad but also a relief because now I can get back into my normal flow!  My team was such a blast this year and I was extremely lucky to have coached them.  I can honestly say the are the nicest girls I have ever coached!!

After the game we met up with the family to grab a bite to eat with our traditional "Mexican Food Monday"!  Mmmmmm it was delish.

Then this occurred:


So my hubby left an unprotected box cutter/scraper thing in the driver side door and when I got out my knee landed right on the blade!  I am soooooooooooooo frustrated right now because I have just started running again and now I cannot bend my knee for 10-14 days!!!  The ER doctor must think I am cray cray because I asked him 7x about exercising!!  This makes cross training difficult too because I cannot do the bike or aqua jog or squat!  And to top it all off it ripped my favorite khakis!!  Thank God for my Aunt Ora who is an ER nurse because I was in and out in less than an hour!

Still smiling through the pain and madness!

Anyone know any great workouts that don't bend you knee??

I may go insane if I cannot release my sweat!

Happy Running!


  1. You can do tons of ab workouts that don't bend your knee, Lay down on your back and with your hands on a chair behind you bring your legs up and down (keeping them straight). Or with your hands to your sides raise your legs 3 -4 inches from the ground and scissor kick. Cutters are so dangerous, I'm sorry you were hurt so badly!

  2. Thank you so much Amber! I am hoping of a rockin 6 pack just in time for bathing suit season!