Monday, July 23, 2012

Long runs and Beach!

Friday after working and getting my butt kicked at work I headed to PT and had another butt kicking!  It is amazing to me much harder it is to do certain exercises with proper form.  I say this because for years I have been working out and just lifting/squatting/jumping but never really knowing how off some of my form was.  Through PT and getting my body to move in proper alignment I have felt muscles "turn on" that haven't worked in a while.  I definitely feel stronger and more efficient now!  We are doing a lot of kettle-bell work and I love it.  Have you ever tried doing prowlers? Holy moly these are humbling ... I thought I was totally sprinting in quicksand!  This is a great way to work on speed.

So after PT I drove to the beach to meet my family and hang out!

I used Saturday as my rest day ... So we went shopping at the outlets for a few hours and walked the boardwalk= active recovery.  We had dinner at one of my favorite places at the beach, Fins Fish House and Raw Bar. They were having Christmas in July and had my #1 favorite beer ever on tap Troegs Mad Elf!!

Sunday morning was a blast!  I met up with Dawn and we had a glorious 13.25 mile run.  It got quite hot and humid but we had great conversation the whole run and the miles flew by!!  I am so blessed to have my runner girls!

We headed to the beach after a quick round of putt-putt.  The ocean was a beast today!  I had to pull my oldest out of the waves .. He is an amazing swimmer and has no fear but my goodness it was rough.  Then the hubby and both boys were getting thrashed out there so we decided to play a little lacrosse on the beach instead!


This was typed on my iPad so sorry if there are any mistakes!


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