Thursday, July 19, 2012

Early Morning Running and New Swimmer in Our House

This morning I made Angel run with me and I enjoyed every second of it!  There is just something so special about running with my runner girls.  The miles flew by and I was so relaxed the whole time.  It has been a long time since I have felt "relaxed" on my runs.  We did 8+ miles with a part of the run on trails and threw in some sprints!  Thanks Angel!

We have had a big week this week..Cameron finally decided to take the swim test at the Y and did amazing.  He would not take the test because he was afraid in the "big" pool even though he is a fish in the water.  He does forward flips in the pool with no fear and has been in swim lessons since he was 5 months old.  I am all for water safety and I was very important for me to make sure my boys would be comfortable in the pool/ocean/bay.  He made me so proud and had a HUGE cheering squad on the deck cheering him on!!  I am talking 20+ people.

I have had some pretty good run this week too which is exciting.

Tuesday:  I had PT which went great.  I feel like I am making progress but still have a few things to work on.  I was able to run 9.6 miles on the TM in 74mins.  I felt heavy most of the run and felt like I was smacking the mill with my feet.  My gait seems to change greatly on the TM vs. outside running.  I think I need to stick with outside running for the most part but with the heat and humidity it is hard to do.

Wednesday:  I was going to lift and do stairmonster but wasn't really feeling it today.  I did 10 minutes of intervals on stairmonster then ran 3.2 miles in 22 minutes and finished with so squats, deadlifts, biceps and triceps.

Here are two of my new favorite things right now:

Cool Lime refresher from Starbucks and Peanut Honey Pretzel luna bar!  Yum!

What are you loving right now?

Happy Running!

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