Monday, July 16, 2012

Bike Shoe Shopping

Friday I did an 11  mile ride in 40 mins followed up with a quick 2 mile run on the TM.  I went to clip my shoe into the pedals when I noticed this:

I do not think there is any hope for fixing this!  Time to go shoe shopping.

After the gym we ventured to Costco for a "few" things!  I try my best to stick to my list but always end up with more. Only at Costco could you buy one of these:

 The boys wanted to buy this but we passed.

Saturday was a rest day since I had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday midnights.  I tried to sleep but my little guys were being rowdy and woke me up so we decided to check out Nordstrom's Sale!  I found a great pair of Under Armour compression capris for super cheap.  My boys are following in my sneaker addiction and wanted 7 different pair for themselves.

Sunday after a 3 hours of sleep I grab some coffee and headed out for my longest run since my injury.  I did 11.5 miles in left leg got a little lazy around mile 9 but all in all it was great run.  I followed up my run with lots of foam rolling and massage.  Thanks Hubby!

Today I decided to go for another ride and did 18.5 miles in 71 minutes.  I was a mess after this ride.  Sweat was dripping off my elbows and ears!  I was so inspired by the CrossFit Games so I did a little WOD at home.  I want to have abs like all  the cross fitters!!  I have a new respect for those Athletes and their abilities.   Thanks Blonde Ponytail for keeping us up to date during the games.

Who out there loves CrossFit?

Any good suggestions on new cycle shoes?

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